Matt Hancock can’t keep his hands off girlfriend at I’m A Celeb after-party

MATT Hancock looked like a teenager in love as he was snapped “فوق كل” his girlfriend Gina at the I’m A Celeb after-party.

The former health secretary couldn’t keep his hands off his other half after their passionate reunion on the bridge.

Matt Hancock nuzzled into girlfriend Gina's neck

Matt Hancock nuzzled into girlfriend Gina’s neckالإئتمان: Brian Roberts
The loved-up couple couldn't stop smiling

The loved-up couple couldn’t stop smilingالإئتمان: Brian Roberts
They were 'all over each other', onlookers said

They were ‘all over each other’, onlookers saidالإئتمان: Brian Roberts

Despite being surrounded by people celebrating Jill Scott being crowned Queen of the Jungle, the pair only had eyes for each other.

An onlooker told The Sun: “Gina could not stop looking at her man and they were like teenagers in the honeymoon phase.”

“Matt kept brushing his hand over Gina’s back and they were totally in their own love bubble.

“They we’re all over each other for 20 minutes and they did not care who saw.”

The Sun exposed the couple’s secret affair after they were caught on camera in a steamy clinch at his Whitehall office.

Married MP Matt cheated on his wife with millionaire lobbyist جينا, 43, who he hired with taxpayers’ money as Covid gripped Britain.

Gina was married to Oliver Tress, who founded fashion firm Oliver Bonas, but the pair left their partners to be together.

After finishing third on I’m A Celeb last night, Matt spoke about his decision to take part in the reality show, قول: “I know that it was controversial me coming here, I know some people said people in your position shouldn’t put themselves in embarrassing situations.

But we’re all human and we all put ourselves in it.

أضاف: “I just went in absolutely clear that I was going to be totally myself as if there cameras weren’t on and that’s what I did.

And that is what I’m like in private!”

أم لثلاثة أطفال جينا, 45, flew out to Australia earlier this week to be by Matt’s side.

غير لامع, 44, who also has three children, had the Tory whip removed after accepting the £400,000 deal from ITV to appear in the jungle.

Matt and Gina passionately kissed on the bridge in front of photographers

Matt and Gina passionately kissed on the bridge in front of photographersالإئتمان: ITV
The happy couple were reunited last night

The happy couple were reunited last nightالإئتمان: Brian Roberts