Feriado bancário de agosto do McDonald’s 2021 horario de funcionamento: Quando as lojas abrem?

BURGER loving Brits can still get their McDonald’s fix throughout the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The summer bank holiday is on Monday August 30 and fast food fans can still visit their local McDonald’s or get Maccies meals delivered.

McDonalds is open on bank holiday Monday

McDonalds is open on bank holiday MondayCrédito: Getty

When does McDonald’s open over the August Bank Holiday?

McDonald’s restaurants are operating as normal over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Some restaurants open 24 hours and that doesn’t look to change much over the weekend.

Contudo, opening times vary from branch to branch and some may be operating at slightly reduced hours, especially on Monday August 30.

Operating hours range from 7am to 9pm while others are open from 5am to midnight.

Use the McDonalds finder on the fast food chain’s website to check your local restaurant’s hours.

You can also check opening times of local chains using the McDonald’s app.

Is McDonald’s delivering over the Bank Holiday weekend?

Delivery apps such as JustEat and UberEats will still be delivering your McDonald’s favourites over the Bank Holiday weekend.

This will depend on your local store’s opening hours and don’t forget to factor in delivery charges.

What are the upcoming Bank Holiday dates for 2021?

Here is the full list of the remaining 2021 Bank Holidays in England and Wales.

  • Segunda-feira, agosto 30 (Feriado de verão)
  • sábado, dezembro 25 (dia de Natal)
  • Domigo, dezembro 26 (Boxing Day)

As datas variam na Escócia e na Irlanda do Norte.

Brits get two extra bank holidays on December 27 and December 28 as Christmas and Boxing Day are on the weekend this year.

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