Il monopolio di McDonald's: Rivelato il miglior momento della giornata per scambiare i codici

MCDONALD’S Monopoly allocates prizes to fractions of a second each daymaking token codes almostmeaningless”.

This means that there is no best time of day to play the game.

Instead the times are randomly allocated.

The highly anticipated game runs for six weeks and players scoop prizes through collecting winning token combinations, “instant winsand entering unique codes into the online game.

Each token comes with a unique code

Each token comes with a unique codeCredito: Alamy

Each token comes with a unique code that you enter on McDonald’s website to try and win, such as cash premios of up to £100,000, UK getaways, and food vouchers.

But it turns out that prizes aren’t determined by what your code is but what time you enter the competition.

Maccies has allocated specific prizes per “winning momentsthroughout the day, that are so exact the you’ll have to enter the code right down to the correct TENTH of a second.

No one knows when these moments are or how long they last but it means you’re in with a chance of winning whatever code you peel off the McDonald’s packaging.

In the game’s terms and conditions, the restaurant giant explains that if more than one player enters in their code during the winning moment, the winner will be the one who entered it in first.

That means that you could lose out to other fans by typing in your code a split second later than them.

The shocking revelation about how winners are determined came to light in 2019 after one fan becamecuriousabout how it worked.

Sam Bailey on Twitter ha scritto: “I was curious how the #McDonaldsMonopoly online codes worked. So I looked it up.

The code on the sticker is broadly meaningless (other than being a unique identifier and proof of purchase.)

The prizes are pre-allocated to fractions of seconds in the 41-day promotional period.

Adesso, we’re no maths boffins but it now feels like the chances of winning are even slimmer.

What are the McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 prizes?

Prizes range from free food, such as apple pies and Big Macs, to pricier giveaways like holidays.

Some Monopoly pieces are harder to get than others, as fewer will be made available and these usually make up the bigger, more expensive prizes.

You can check out the full list of prizes up for grabsand how many of each prize is availablein our Il monopolio di McDonald's explainer.

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