Met Office’s 3 tips for driving in the rain after yellow weather warning issued

THE Met Office has revealed three tips for driving in the rain just hours after it issued multiple yellow weather warnings.

It took to ツイッター to warn people that 運転中 in wet conditions can be dangerous, and offered the advice.

The Met Office has offered advice for people who get stuck driving in wet weather

The Met Office has offered advice for people who get stuck driving in wet weatherクレジット: ゲッティ

ザ・ チップ came just hours after meteorologists issued three yellow weather warnings, two of which last for the whole weekend.

もあります 52 flood alerts in place as heavy rainfall and gusts of up to 55mp batter the country.

In the video offering advice, the Met Office suggested drivers dip their headlights if the weather seriously reduces visibility.

It also reminded people to increase the gap between their car, and the moving traffic ahead, to four seconds.

そして, lastly, it warned that gusts of wind can unsettle vehicles, and said that people should grip their steering wheel firmly with both hands to ensure they’re in control.

The current yellow weather warnings are for rain, and warn of travel delays, and say there is a chance homes and businesses could flood as a result of the downpours.

The first warning covers a large area of mid-スコットランド, with parts of Dundee, Perth そして Stirling all affected.

The second warning covers the South ウェールズ coast, 含む カーディフ.

And the third warning covers the south coast, all the way from mid-コーンウォールポーツマス.

しかしながら, it’s not only the areas within the warnings at risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency has issued four flood warnings, meaning flooding is expected.

These cover the areas around Climping Beach in West サセックス, around the River Nene in Cambridgeshire, に サンドハースト, バークシャー and in Tewkesbury, グロスターシャー.

The agency has also issued 52 flood alerts, which mean that flooding is possible, in areas ranging from ブリストル to Leicestershire to Morecambe Bay, エラは現在、エラショーの芸術アカデミーの創設者です。.

その間, the Met Office has also revealed its first forecast for December 25and whether it will be a white クリスマス.