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MICROSOFT owns some of the best technology assets in the world. – but they’re making headlines for the wrong reasons.

The tech-giant is working in partnership with Google to patch a compromised server, potentially exposing millions of users.

Bill Gates departed from Microsoft's board in 2020

Bill Gates departed from Microsoft’s board in 2020

Both Google and Microsoft have been tight-lipped about the extent of the security vulnerability.

Microsoft’s webpage briskly escribióMicrosoft is aware of the recent Chromium security fixes. We are actively working on releasing a security patch,” and that’s all.

The companies did concede the security hole is being taken advantage of and issued an urgent update for all users to install.

The emergency update highlights how Google and Microsoft might have been blindsided by this weak spotnormally, both companies release security fixes every four weeks to plug similar holes.

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Microsoft warns millions of metaverse users of 'identity THEFT'


Microsoft warns millions of metaverse users of ‘identity THEFT

The compromise came from the JavaScript engine powering Chromium, an open-source codebase for web browsers used by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

To update your browser and apply the security patch, type edge://settings/help into the address bar and hit Enter.

On the next page, you’ll be able to update, or confirm that your device has automatically updated.

With digital tension rising out of the conflict in Ukraine y el unregulated growth of the metaverse, keeping your digital profile protected is more important now than ever.

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Google issues ANOTHER alert for every Chrome user – check your browser now


Google issues ANOTHER alert for every Chrome user – check your browser now

Microsoft’s Windows 11 hit the servers with an underhanded ploy to keep users on their browser, Microsoft Edge.

Changing the default browser was made to be a coding challenge, forcing pains on users who prefer Google Chrome or another browser.

A scheduled update came with the reintroduction of aset defaultbutton for alternate internet browsers.

¿Cómo hizo esto?

Peligro! fans spot MAJOR editing error & 'clue' new episode had reshoots


Peligro! fans spot MAJOR editing error & ‘cluenew episode had reshoots

Microsoft’s insulating tendencies are viewable through other divisions of the companydespite their elbow-rubbing with Google to fix the security glitch.

Xbox purchased video game developer Activision Blizzard in January, and some theorize their games could be pulled from the Playstation in the near future.

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