Milioni di persone devono controllare le impostazioni dell'iPhone oggi: potrebbe essere pericoloso non farlo

A TIKTOK tech guru has highlighted a handy new iPhone security feature that can help you weed out snoopers.

Il Safety Check feature gives you a quick view of who has access to your photos, calendario, location and more.

TikTok tech guru Scott Polderman shares iPhone tips with his followers-

TikTok tech guru Scott Polderman shares iPhone tips with his followers-Credito: Tic toc

It’s a way of cutting down the number of people who have the ability to view your private information.

Safety Check was highlighted in a video posted Tuesday by TikTok user @scottpolderman.

It was introduced to the i phone with the release of the iOS 16 software update last month.

You can find out how to download iOS 16 further down this page.

Safety check

According to Apple, it’s foranyone who is concerned about or experiencing technology-enabled abuse, stalking or harassment.

Abusive partners, friends or family members have been known to use victimsiPhones to keep tabs on them.

Per esempio, they can track them by sharing various apps and features such as photos, calendari, and location, tra gli altri.

Safety check is a way tosever digital ties with those you no longer want to be connected to”, Apple says.

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Safety Check. You’ll see two features: Emergency Reset e Manage Sharing & Access.

Emergency Reset offers a way to immediately cut off access to your accounts. You may be asked for your Face ID or Passcode to access it.

Manage Sharing and Access provides a way to carry out a more considered preening of who has access to what on your device.

What is iOS 16?

Every year, Apple rolls out a new version of its iOS software for i phone.

This is the core operating system that powers the device, delivering Apple’s apps, features and designs to your iPhone.

This year’s new version is called iOS 16 and its packed with new iPhone features users have been waiting for.

This includes a new Lock Screen with widgets, stylized Portrait wallpapers, and notifications that roll up from the bottom.

Messages are also getting a major update that lets you edit or recall recently send messages, as well as recover recently deleted messages or mark conversations as unread.

Lockdown mode e Safety Check are also new to the iPhone game adding safety features that protect users from online hacking and abuse.

How to get iOS 16

To try out iOS 16 for yourself, you’ll need to update your iPhone software.

Head to Settings > Generale > Software Update.

You can then tap Upgrade to iOS 16 at the bottom of the screen and then Download and Install.

On some iPhones, you’ll be directed to Download and Install automatically.

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You’ll be asked to enter your iPhone passcode (if it has one) and then agree to Apple’s terms and conditions.

The download and installation process will take up to an hour, so make sure you send any important messages before starting.

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