Ministers warned a campaign to get Brits to cut energy could kill pensioners

THE GOVERNMENT’S campaign to get Brits to cut their energy use could kill pensioners, ministers have been warned.

里希·苏纳克 has given the green light to a controversial PR blitz to get families to turn down their boilers and radiators to save cash.

A pensioner struggles to keep warm

A pensioner struggles to keep warm

But a similar plan was binned by 丽兹桁架 when she was PM after civil servants warned OAPs might take the advice too far and end up freezing in their homes.

The Sun on Sunday understands the Cabinet Office raised the alarm about the possible death toll when 计划 were first floated in September.

One government insider involved in the talks said there was a concern it could cost lives.

他们说: “There were concerns that the dutiful war time generationthe elderlymight take it too far.

“Therefore the messaging always has to be very very careful.”

There were also concerns the government would look like Edwina Currie who famously sparked outrage when she told pensioners who couldn’t afford to put the heating on to wear a woolly jumper.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps is planning to launch the energy saving PR blitz later this year.

Downing Street wants to enlist a host of celebs to front the campaign.

They reckon hard-pressed families can slash their energy bills without shivering in their homes.

Ministers want Brits to change their habits before they pull the plug on the universal household energy cap next year.