Missing person’s dismembered body ‘found in bus freezer with head in plastic bag

NEW Orleans woman found dismembered in a freezer inside of a bus.

The Louisiana woman’s body was found chopped up and placed into plastic bags on Tuesday evening, de acordo com relatórios policiais.

The body was located inside of a freezer on a bus on a residential street

The body was located inside of a freezer on a bus on a residential streetCrédito: o Google

The woman had been missing since November, New Orleans Police Department sources say.

The bus with the bloody freezer inside was located next to a home in the 2300 block of Pauline Street.

Neighbors said that they were shocked by what unfolded in the area, de acordo com WDSU.

NOPD and SWAT teams were apparently in the area for multiple hours.

The boyfriend of the woman found was brought in by NOPD for questioning, according to reports by people in the area.

NOPD has yet to release the name of the victim.

There is no arrest or person of interest yet in the case.

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