Model, 24, dies suddenly as pals pay tribute to ‘witty’ vrou

HEARTBREAKING tributes have been paid to a young glamour model with a “gentle heart” who died suddenly.

Amy Gregory, 24, passed away suddenly at her home in Pontypridd, Wallis, over the festive period.

Amy died over the New Year which shocked her friends and family

Amy died over the New Year which shocked her friends and familyKrediet: WNS
The glamour model was reportedly suffering from anxiety and depression

The glamour model was reportedly suffering from anxiety and depressionKrediet: WNS

Her devastated family and friends have been left shocked by her death, and paid tribute to the “strong willed and ambitious” model.

Amy, who used the name Chloe Love in her work, had previously been employed by Babestation.

Friends believe that the model was struggling with “anxiety and depression” before her death.

A fundraising page verduidelik: “A few days ago Amy took her own life. Her heart and mind were in pain and this life became too much for her. Some hearts are just too gentle for this world.”

Paying tribute to her daughter, her mum Karina said: “Amy was a smart, ambisieus, witty young woman with a gentle heart and a lovely laugh.

“By 24 Amy had experienced more than most at her age. She was a resilient, sterk, and beautiful girl who had overcome a lot of struggles and made the most of her short life.

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Her family will miss her dearly. We will miss her laugh, her perfect smile, her cheek, her humour, and her bubbly personality.

Although we will never get over losing Amy we will carry on together and keep her memory alive in our home and in our hearts.

We hope that wherever Amy is now she feels at home, safe, geliefd, healed, and free.

Family and friends of the model have set up a GoFundMe page in memory of Amy, to help with her funeral costs.

The money will also be used to raise awareness for mental health charities and has already raised more than £6,000.

The page, set up by a close family friend, lees: “It is with a heavy heart that I put together this fundraising campaign and I hope that by creating this fundraiser we are able to raise some money to cover the costs of Amy’s funeral and to support her family at this difficult time.

The last few days have been really tough and it’s important that Amy’s family are able to have the chance to grieve and process what’s happened so if we can help them by making sure that their girl has the heartfelt send-off that she deserves then I think it would be a kind act of service – not just for the family but also for Amy herself.


Amy was a witty, slim, and beautiful young woman and she was very loved by her family and friends.

She was strong-willed, ambisieus, and resilient. Her laugh was loud, her smile was wide, and her heart was big. She loved animals and she doted on her two fur-babies Bennie and Blanca.

Amy worked as a glamour model and she was a much-loved colleague to her work family at Babestation TV where she was known affectionately as her work alias Chloe Love.

Chloe had many fans and people who cared for her and her bubbly personality brought a lot of light to what can often be a dark industry.

Unfortunately that light wasn’t always bright enough to shine for Amy all the time and she often struggled with bouts of deep depression.

Friends and family are asking anyone who attends her funeral to wear pink, her favourite colour.

As part of the fundraising Amy’s family and friends are urging those who are feeling low and suffering with mental health issues to reach out.

Hulle het bygevoeg: “Depression is often a silent disease and I know how difficult it can be to ask for help and speak to family and friends but there are organisations and helplines that are available to offer free support to us all in times of sadness, grief and crisis.

A fundraiser has been set up for the Babestation model

A fundraiser has been set up for the Babestation modelKrediet: WNS
Her mum described her as a strong willed and ambitious woman

Her mum described her as a strong willed and ambitious womanKrediet: WNS
Amy's family have paid tribute to her and her bubbly personality

Amy’s family have paid tribute to her and her bubbly personalityKrediet: WNS

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Dit is die grootste moordenaar van mense onder die ouderdom van 35, dodeliker as kanker en motorongelukke.

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Tog word daar selde van gepraat, 'n taboe wat dreig om voort te gaan met sy dodelike rampokkery, tensy ons almal stop en kennis neem, nou.

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