Molly Mae Hague drops huge hint she’s giving birth any day now as she packs hospital bag and mum comes to stay

PREGNANT Molly Mae Hague has packed her hospital bag as she hinted she’s ready to give birth.

The reality TV star has been planning the essential items she’ll need when she goes to deliver her daughter with boyfriend Tommy Fury.

Pregnant Molly Mae Hague has been packing her hospital bag

Pregnant Molly Mae Hague has been packing her hospital bagCrédito: Instagram
Molly Mae shared this snap two days ago

Molly Mae shared this snap two days agoCrédito: Instagram
She showed fans piles of baby clothes and cute toy elephants

She showed fans piles of baby clothes and cute toy elephantsCrédito: Instagram

Molly and boxer Tommy, Ambas 23, are expecting their first child together after meeting on Ilha do amor no 2019.

Fast forward three years and she is due to give birth any day now.

Molly shared a video on Instagram showing shelves at their mega mansion brimming with baby clothes.

The Youtube star, who is thought to be worth £6m, revealed she had packed an elephant toy for her baby.

She penned over the top of her clip: “Hospital bag prep starts

To be quite honest I haven’t the first clue what I’m doing/packing.

She also said her mum was keeping her company on Friday nighta week after being left in “agonizante” pain and unable to get out of bed.

Molly confessed that she was petrified after she began experiencing severe stomach cramps.

She even debated whether to call an ambulance after she suddenly became ill and Tommy was away for a boxing match.

I went to bed four in the morning, I woke up with the most excruciating stomach cramps, I was literally freaking out,” recalling the scary experience, Molly disse.

I tried to get myself out of the bed to the toilet and I couldn’t walk.

I felt so unwell and thought whether to call myself an ambulance, I was freaking out.

The Love Island star said she was frightened to be on her own after the pain became unbearable.

I’ve not had any stomach ache or trapped wind that had felt like that before, so I didn’t know whether I had to be calm and let it settle or take action,” she continued on her latest YouTube video.

It’s really hard to know, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or even call 111 or even wake Tommy up.

I was literally rolling about in bed, I felt so unwell and then Tommy had to leave to the airport to get a flight at 5am.

It’s always the case, when I need him and when I feel unwell, he has to go somewhere.

All day I still not felt a 100 por cento, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I think I have a stomach bug or some sort of a sickness bug.