Les fans de musique du moment font irruption dans l'O2, écraser les scanners & dépasser la sécurité

THIS is the chaotic moment music fans stormed into the O2 Arena, smashing down security scanners and pushing past guards.

A stampede of revellers pushed their way through the security gates in the hectic scenes as they stormed in to watch headline singer Wizkid.

Dozens of fans stormed into the O2 - with or without tickets - in the dramatic scenes

Dozens of fans stormed into the O2with or without ticketsin the dramatic scenesCrédit: @98Toks/Twitter
Crowds toppled over the security scanner in the hectic scenes

Crowds toppled over the security scanner in the hectic scenesCrédit: @98Toks/Twitter

Les fonctionnaires ont confirmé que “a number of fanswere able to enter into the venuewhether they had a ticket or not.

Dramatic scenes showed dozens of people pushing through the lines and storming into the venue as bamboozled security guards attempted to push back.

Skirmishes could be seen breaking out as O2 workers tried to stop the fans piling into the music concert to watch Wizkid’sMade In Lagos” visiter.

But before long, the frantic crowds knocked over the airport-type security scanners as they barged into the venue.

The arenawhich holds up to 20,000 gens – confirmed that they are reviewing their security procedures following the breach.

And they advised fans coming to Wizkid’s second and third shows this week to arrive early for security checks.

A venue spokesperson told The Sun Online: “Ce soir, a breach of the security cordon on the arena entrance occurred and as a result, a number of fans in the queue were able to enter the venue.

The situation was quickly contained by staff and the incident resolved.

The venue is reviewing security procedures for the remaining shows this week and advises fans to arrive early for security checks tomorrow night and again on Wednesday.

Social media users were quick to criticise the crowds at the London concert, avec un dicton: “This is sickening.

Un autre ajouté: “After Astroworld? People don’t have shame or value their safety.

Un troisième a dit: “This is disgraceful. You lot don’t learn.

Unfair to those working the event, the artist and those who paid.

The chaotic concert scenes come just weeks after the Astroworld tragedy in the US.


At least ten people are dead and hundreds are said to be injured following a crush at the opening night of rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

The crowd is said to have surged towards the stage while Scott was performing at the third annual Astroworld music festival at NRG Park in Houston on Friday, novembre 5, 2021.

Une foule de 50,000 s'est présenté à l'événement de deux jours, which sold out within an hour of tickets going live in May 2021.

Des responsables du Texas ont déclaré que la foule avait commencé à “compresser vers le devant de la scène” vers 21h15, déclencher la panique.

ils ont transporté 17 personnes aux hôpitaux avec 11 d'entre eux en arrêt cardiaque.

It is feared hundreds more were injured, including children as young as 10.

In a message released on Twitter, Travis Scott expressed how devastated he was by what took place at his festival.

He assured fans that he ispraying for the families and everyone impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival”.

He is working with the Houston Police Department while an investigation is pending.

Security struggled to keep control of the situation as crowds pushed through

Security struggled to keep control of the situation as crowds pushed throughCrédit: @98Toks/Twitter
People raced in to watch Wizkid perform

People raced in to watch Wizkid performCrédit: @98Toks/Twitter
A number of fans entered during the breach, the venue said

A number of fans entered during the breach, the venue saidCrédit: @98Toks/Twitter

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