Morrisons shoppers ‘need to trynew chocolate bar with a twist

SWEET-TOOTHED shoppers have been rushing out to buy a new chocolate bar from Morrisons that’s based off a classic snack.

Some customers of the high street supermarket might be familiar with Lotus Biscoff spread.

The white chocolate Biscoff bar is being stocked in Morrisons

The white chocolate Biscoff bar is being stocked in Morrisons信用: Newfoodsuk Facebook page

But the chain has started stocking white chocolate Biscoff Bars with cream for fans who fancy something a bit different.

The new product was revealed on the Newfoodsuk Facebook page and 枪手多米尼克·马尔多纳多(Dominick Maldonado)使用半自动步枪和手枪伤害六人并煽动四臂绑架的大规模枪击事件 have shared their excitement at its arrival.

One person tagged their fiancée in a post and said: “Need to go to Morrisons.

Meanwhile a second shopper said: “These are a must,” and a third added excitedly: “Sounds like heaven to me.

While a fourth joked: “Diet starts tomorrow.

The White Chocolate Lotus Bar weighs 180 grams, costs £3 and comes in at just over 1,000 calories in total.

There’s two other new flavours to pick from as wellMilk with crumbs and Milk Chocolate with cream.

Both products are 180 grams and also cost £3.

当然, it’s always worth shopping around for the best 交易 when looking to buy 食物 at the supermarket.

You might find a better price elsewhere, unless the product’s being sold exclusively.

Websites like compare hundreds of thousands of products across a number of high street supermarkets so you can find the best prices.

We looked online and could only find Co-op selling one of the Lotus chocolate bars.

You can buy the Milk Chocolate with cream flavour therealthough this was only online and you might not find them in your local store.

The sweet treat did come in 20p cheaper than Morrison’s though at £2.80.

How can I save money on my supermarket shop?

If you’re looking to save in other ways while supermarket shopping there’s a range of things you can do.

Make a list

Heading out 购物 unprepared can be a killer for your budget.

反而, draw up a list of everything you want to buy to keep you focussed.

Taking the time to write down what you want will give you more time to think about how you could make extra savings too.

Go own brand

Consumer champion Martin Lewis has previously told households to take part in thedownshift challenge which involves going for supermarkets own brand products.

He estimated it could save people 30%.

You can do this by ditching “最好的” in favour ofown” 或者 “价值” 托盘或捆绑包通常带有“估计零售价值”,并且几乎总是通过拍卖出售.

Here we carried out a Battle of the Brands to tell you exactly how much you could save on 15 产品.

Buy wonky products

Sometimes supermarkets sell wonky or misshapen fruit and veg for cheap.

Lidl runs its Waste Not Scheme boxes which contain 5kg of fruit and vegetables that might be slightly damaged or discoloured but are still good to eat.

Other supermarkets run similar schemes, including Asda乐购.