Morrisons unveil £15 Valentine’s Day menu with beef wellington and profiteroles

MORRISONS has unveiled its £15 Valentine’s Day three-course meal for two, and it includes starters, mains, desserts and more.

Couples planning a romantic meal indoors have plenty of choicethe meal deal menu ranges from seafood to steak, and there’s options for vegans too.

Morrisons unveils their menu for two ahead of Valentine's Day

Morrisons unveils their menu for two ahead of Valentine’s Day
The profiteroles would normally cost £3 outside of the Valentine's Day deal

The profiteroles would normally cost £3 outside of the Valentine’s Day deal

The store is just one of the supermarkets offering a Valentine’s Day menu, alongside the likes of Sainsbury’s.

What can I get in the deal?

Morrisons has only included items picked from its The Best range.

Kicking off the romantic spread are the starters, and Morrisons has five different options to choose from.

You could pick up a two-pack of scallop and king prawn thermidors, which would usually set you back a fiver, or choose a roasted mushroom pate if you’re vegan, usually priced at £4.

For mains, there are seven choices to pick from.

Die meeste gelees in geld

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You could grab a beef wellington, which is usually £12 on its own, or opt for the meat-free versionthe beef-less wellington, usually £5.

This is the only mains option for meat-less eaters.

Some other choices include a lasagne, normally costing £6, or pork fillet wrapped in prosciutto, normally £7.50.

Accompanying your mains is a selection of sides, two of which are vegan, and you can only grab two sides in total out of the seven available.

These include chunky chips, cauliflower cheese, or carrots and kale in orange dressing, all usually costing £2.75 outside of the offer.

And in the true spirit of indulgence, shoppers can grab an alcoholic bev and dessert as part of the £15 offer too.

There are six desserts to choose from, including raspberry and white chocolate profiteroles, creme brulees, and Belgian chocolate brownie puddingsthis option is suitable for vegans.

A couple of alcoholic options include a De Los Rios Rioja Crianza, which would be the most expensive option outside of the offer, priced at £7.50, or a Pinot Grigio Rose at £7.50.

Depending on the items you choose, you could be making a saving of over £18 in total.

When can I shop the offer?

For eager beavers, the deal is already available online as of yesterday, Januarie 26.

The average price for a home delivery slot with Morrisons is £3.89, but regulars can buy a Morrisons Delivery Pass to save casha monthly pass is £5.

For in-store shoppers, you can expect to see the deal on shelves from February 6, and it will run until the stores close on February 14.

For a full look at the menu, head over to Morrisons’ website.

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