M&Sは制服の価格を 20% – そんなに長くない

PARENTS can save 20% on school uniforms at Marks & スペンサー, but they’ll need to be quick.

Getting your kids ready for the new school year can be costly, but if you shop at the right time, you can grab a bargain.

M&Sは制服の価格を 20% for a limited time

M&Sは制服の価格を 20% for a limited time

M&S is offering a 20% discount on its school uniform range for parents looking to get ahead of the gamebut you’ll have to be quick.

The discount is only available until Monday, 7月 25.

Prices in the M&S sale range start from £2 for a pack of cotton t-shirts to £15.20 for a three-pack of school shirts.

The high street retailer says don’t need to worry about quality as its uniform ismade to last”, with growth-proof hems and adjustable waistbands.


Aldi's £5 school uniforms are available to pre-order now


Aldi’s £5 school uniforms are available to pre-order now

Alice Duggan, head of M&S Kids said “Schoolwear is an essential purchase for millions of families そしていま, これまで以上に, we want customers to have confidence in the value and quality of our uniform.

We want to not only protect the prices, but help extend the life of our school ranges through design features and innovations so items can be worn for longer, be passed on to friends and family or even resold.

Shoppers can buy school uniform instore or they can order from the M&S website for home delivery.

You can find your local M&S by using its store locator tool.


今日、何百万人もの労働者が昇給する - あなたがそれらの1つであるかどうかを確認してください


今日、何百万人もの労働者が昇給する – あなたがそれらの1つであるかどうかを確認してください

It is important to remember that you will pay £3.50 for standard delivery on any order under £50 though, so be sure to factor that in.

M&S also free click and collect services for people who wish to collect their order from their closest shop.

Where else can I buy school uniform?

The average price of a uniform and PE kit can top £100 and more if you have several children to buy for.

But you could cut down the cost if you do some shopping around.

The essentials are pretty easy to fund as most supermarkets stock them.

The cheapest school uniform is supplied by アルディ you can pick up all the essentials for just £5.

You buy online and instore now, but be sure to check first, as items are known to sell out quickly.

テスコ also offers everything you need to make sure your child is ready for the new school year.

The supermarket giant does not sell uniform online, so you’ll need to visit your local store if you want to make a purchase.

The TU clothing range at Sainsbury’s also has a wide variety of options and it can be bought online or instore.

モリソンズ also offers school uniform deals, but it does not sell sweatshirts.

そしてare also popular choices for parents looking to get their children prepared for the new school term.

The Sun has complied a handy guide of where to get cheap school uniform, including price lists, which can be found here.

What other ways could you afford a school uniform?

Second hand school uniforms are a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Facebook Marketplace is a great option to start looking. Uniforms will be cheap or in some cases free. You may also be able to buy classroom essentials as well.


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You may be entitled to the school uniform grant, which awards you £200 to help with your costs. You can find if you’re eligible for the grant here.

Not only can you save money by purchasing cheaper uniforms, you may also be entitled to help during the school holidays with food vouchers and a uniform grant.