Mamma in un appartamento infestato dai topi costretta a buttare via il divano & letto pieno di roditori

A PREGNANT mum has told how she was forced to throw out her sofa and bed because of a terrifying rat infestation in her home.

Sian Hope, who’s name has been changed to protect her identity, had been begging Birmingham City Council for help after the vermin took over the flat.

Rats chewed theough the slates of her bed

Rats chewed theough the slates of her bedCredito: BPM Media
The also ate the flat's electricity wires

The also ate the flat’s electricity wiresCredito: BPM Media

She had moved into the home during the pandemic to escape an abusive partner with her two-year-old daughter.

But soon the pests had chewed through her electricity cables and laid a nest inside her sofa.

Things got so bad Sian and her toddler could no longer use their living room anymore as it is so full of rat droppings every morning

Just days before her second child was born Sian took on the council in courtand won.

She told Birmingham Live: “The council managed to treat the mouse and rat problem just after the court case and I’ve not heard or seen any signs of them since.

“They’ve also cut down the trees as there was an argument over whether it was squirrels, even though I had evidence that it was mice and rats.

Lei ha aggiunto: “This was such a relief as I’d been feeling really anxious. You have to keep everything sterile with a newborn and I knew that was going to be very difficult with a rat infestation.

My baby was six days overdue and it was a difficult birth but we’re all OK now.

The judge ordered the council to pay compensation for her damaged furniture, but she has still not received the payment.

Lei disse: “I ended up having to go out and buy new ones because I couldn’t face bringing a newborn into my home without a sofa or a bed.

“My daughter and I had been cooped up in my bedroom for so long and I knew that health visitors would be coming round and I would have nowhere for them to sit.”

A spokesman for the council said that her compensation claim had been received and that they were in the process of asking for additional supporting evidence.

Egli ha detto: “We are pleased that the tenant’s property is now rodent free following treatment and have apologised for the distress caused.

The Council acknowledges the receipt of the compensation claim, and are in the process of asking the customer for additional supporting evidence.

Despite the compensation, Sian is still desperate to move homes.

Lei disse: “I’m not going to stay in this house.

My daughter’s room is too small for her to share with her brother.

“When I’ve been here a year, next spring, I’m hoping to swap with someone else.

I’ve updated my profile with the council, telling them about my baby and put in a new application saying that this house is no longer big enough. I’d really like a three bedroom property.

“With everything that’s gone on here, I’ve not been able to enjoy it and I just don’t want to be here any more.”

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