Mum slams hotel for being too busy during her stay but people are split

A MUM has divided opinion after she complained the hotel she was staying at was too busy due to local people there.

She asked on مومسنت if she was being unreasonable for being annoyed.

The woman said she was left unhappy because of how many locals were at her hotel

The woman said she was left unhappy because of how many locals were at her hotelالإئتمان: العلمي

هي كتب: “We are staying in a hotel at the moment and couldn’t get a seat in the lounge yesterday evening because it was full of locals watching a match and drinking pints.

Another resident told us that on Sunday they had to eat in the bar because the dining room was booked out for a 70th birthday lunch.

We also have very limited access to the pool because of school swimming lessons, aquafit classes etc.

Anyone else get annoyed when they stay in a hotel and find themselves constantly playing second fiddle to locals?”

Some people agreed that the hotel should have made them aware of the bookings.

قال أحدهم: “If you are paying for the facilities you should surely have full access. It’s good that the locals support them in the off season but they shouldn’t really be neglecting their tourist trade.

وافق آخر:” The hotel management aren’t doing a good job if guests feel they aren’t being looked after properly and its management’s responsibility to balance local customers with staying guests.

A third simply said: “I understand they want to attract locals, but not if it means staying guests are sidelined.

Others didn’t back her, ومع ذلك, pointing out that locals often help these businesses outside of the holiday season.

Somone asked: “Would that be the locals who support a business for 365 أيام في السنة?

وعلق آخر: “How awful, imagine letting LOCALS into the hotel.

العام الماضي, tourists also complained that Cornwall wastoo busy during the summer holiday season.

كتبت امرأة واحدة: “My parents spent £2k on self catering place in Cornwall. Hated it. Way over crowded, hours in queues and massive price hikes on everything.

Another woman said she even ended her holiday in Newquay early as it was too busy,

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People were divided about whether she should be annoyed (stock image)

People were divided about whether she should be annoyed (stock image)الإئتمان: جيتي – مساهم