Mamá quiere dejarme por una nueva vida con un hombre que vive en Canadá

QUERIDA DEIDRE: FOR 19 years it’s just been me and mum – but now she wants to marry a man she hardly knows and move to Canada.

Mum is 47, él es 51 y yo soy 21.

My mum wants to leave for a new life in Canada and it will turn my life upside down

My mum wants to leave for a new life in Canada and it will turn my life upside down

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She says I can either move with her and be a part of their new family (he already has two sons) or I can stay here on my own.

I have never met this man and have only ever had the briefest “hello” on video calls.

Apparently he is very kind, has a nice house and a boat that he goes fishing in a lot.

I don’t know my biological dad who left when I was two. I’m scared about moving so far away from my friends. But most of all, I’m worried about Mum.

She has always been there for me and I know she deserves a shot at happiness but I’m concerned.

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Mum has only known this man for one year and only met him once, when he was here for business.

Now she is planning to move out early next year and I can’t help but panic.

DICE DEIDRE: Your concern is completely natural – you are on the edge of a major life transformation.

Can you talk to your mum honestly and explain how you would like to get to know this man and his family better before making any big changes.

Suggest you both visit him in Canada to get to know him, his family and their country better.

Once you have made that trip you will be in a better position to make your decision.

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