My baby was hit on the head twice at nurseryI left in tears and don’t know if I want her to go back, says Kate Lawler

KATE Lawler has shared an emotional post after her daughter Noa washit twice on the headat nurseryrevealing she’s unsure about sending her back.

这位 41 岁的 posted a photo of Noa, 11 月, 在Instagram上, explaining she’d had two settling in sessions this week.

Kate revealed her anxiety is "out of control" after Noa's settling in days at nursery

Kate revealed her anxiety isout of controlafter Noa’s settling in days at nursery

但该 老大哥 winner was horrified to witness another child accidentally hit Noa with a toy twice and confessed her anxiety isout of control”.

Asking her followers for advice, 博主凯特哈德森透露了她的女儿伊丽莎: “Is it normal to have second thoughts after doing these sessions with your little one? I don’t want her to go anymore.

I know I can’t wrap her up in cotton wool her entire life but what I observed yesterday and today made me worried about leaving her for two whole days a week with other people I don’t know.

I realise the staff take care of children day in, day out and it’s their job to ensure our babies are kept safe, I have to trust them but my anxiety is out of control and I’m now terrified of something bad happening when I’m not there to look out for her.

She’s only just able to crawl which even today she found tricky in her puddle suit and boots. She was t*****d on the head twice in 30 minutes by another baby pulling a truck, I saw one of the kids take a stone out of his mouth and it was really wet so he’d had it in there a while.

Only when he went to put it back in did I stop him. If he’d have swallowed it, goodness knows what would have happened.


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What if that was Noa? What if she swallows it and chokes? Yesterday these were hypothetical worries I dismissed but I saw a toddler do it & now I’m spiralling. I don’t know what to do.

Fans and friends were quick to leave advice, with Made in Chelsea star Ashley James writing: “Always follow your gut lovely ❤️❤️ could it be the nursery that is making you feel weird? What about a different one or a childminder?”

别人写的: “If your best friend said this to you, what would you say to her? There’s your answer xx.

并添加了第三个: “If you left feeling that upset, it’s not for you. Go with your gut. She’ll turn out fine without nursery immediately.

Kate and her fiance Martin welcomed Noa in February last year after she went into labour almost two weeks early.

The Big Brother winner confessed she's unsure about sending Noa back

The Big Brother winner confessed she’s unsure about sending Noa back
She and Martin welcomed their daughter in February last year

She and Martin welcomed their daughter in February last year

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