Minha filha, 2, was abducted by creepy strangersI ran after them and when I caught them they just laughed

A MUM has told how her daughter was almost abducted by creepy strangers while at a car boot sale with her aunt.

Little Sadie, dois, and her aunt Louise Stockdale, 35, were browsing stalls at Redcar Racecourse, Teeside, when two women grabbed her hand.

Sadie, dois, with her aunt Louise, 35

Sadie, dois, with her aunt Louise, 35
A woman and a girl were arrested but have been released under investigation

A woman and a girl were arrested but have been released under investigationCrédito: Alamy

Louise says the women tried to snatch Sadie by walking off with her young niece while she was just two metres away.

Ela disse ao The Sun: “We went to the car boot sale at about 1.10pm and Sadie said she wanted to walk around with her Auntie Lou, so she came along with me. That was fine.

“I was walking behind her and after ten minutes something caught her eye at one of the stalls. She walked over and I was behind her

“There were two ladies at the stall speaking in another language but I thought ‘she’s safe there, she’s just a little browser’.

“When she passed the younger of the two women tapped the youngsters head and smiled. I just smiled back.

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“She turned and started speaking to the other lady and I just continued to walk behind Sadie.

“After a minute the lady came back into my view. As they came across in front of me they just walked and took Sadie’s hand.”


Louise says she had to physically remove her niece from the women in a terrifying ordeal.

Ela explicou: “Because I only had Sadie with me I was watching her like a hawk. I said ‘Take it off her, o que você está fazendo?’

“Sadie began to cry. I had to take her hand out of their hand. They didn’t even acknowledge me, they didn’t turn back, they just continued to walk.

“Because she cried I initially thought they had hurt her. She was frightened, she was shaking. I checked her hand and she was fine”

Once Louise found Sadie’s mum, Kelly Leonard, 33, they left the toddler safely with a friend and went in search of the two women who had allegedly fled.

They spotted the two women, who were now with two men, contacted security and confronted them.

Kelly said: “I thought Sadie had maybe just bumped her head or something but then Louise said ‘no, somebody just tried to walk off with her’.

“We went up to the two ladies and the two men and said: ‘What was your intention there? What were you trying to grab my daughter for?’


“I expected them to say ‘oh sorry it was a misunderstanding’but instead they started to laugh at me. Eles estavam rindo, they were sniggering.

“I said it again, ‘what did you take my daughter for?’

“Then the man started saying: ‘Your daughter is beautiful, your daughter is beautiful.’

“Because of their reaction and how sleazy and sneaky they were acting it became apparent that there was more to it

“I questioned where they were going and she said ‘I’m not telling you, I’m not telling you.’”

Police arrived and arrested the two women, who have since been released under investigation.

Kelly said: “I was just inconsolable. eu estava chorando. It still doesn’t feel like it was me, like it was my child.

“I’ve become very paranoid. I deleted all my social media in case someone had been watching.

“I’m just trying to concentrate on the fact that we’ve still got our child and we are just very very lucky. My nine year old daughter was there and witnessed all of the upset.”


The incident has left mum-of-two Louise shook.

Ela disse: “I can’t even think about it. It terrifies me that if I had the other kids with me I wouldn’t have had all my attention on her.

It could have been that easy to lose her. In a flash it could have been done.

I feel very fortunate. You would never think this would happen to us. She was literally two steps in front of me.

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “We’re aware of large scale interest in a recent reported incident at Redcar racecourse and have become aware of speculation, rumour and even member of the publics’ photos being shared online.

“We can confirm that Cleveland Police has not received any recent reports of linked or similar incidents and that no males have or will be spoken to in relation to the alleged incident.

Eu obviamente pensei sobre isso, mas eu tinha um trabalho a fazer.”

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“The two females arrested have been interviewed and released under investigation while a small number of remaining lines of enquiry are carried out.

“Police would warn social media users that now that arrests have been made, speculating and commenting online about what might have happenedor the actions of specific individualscould seriously jeopardise the investigation and the legal process.”