Il mio ex marito ha rubato gli oggetti di valore di mio padre mentre era in ospedale

CARO DEIDRE: THE police said there was no sign of a break-in when things went missing from my dad’s house ten years ago.

Now I’ve now found out who the thief was – my ex-husband.

Should I report my ex? What should I do?

Should I report my ex? What should I do?

We were married for 25 years but divorced 12 anni fa. We are still friends. Lui è 72 now and I’m 65.

He’s been in hospital and our daughter went to his house to get him fresh pyjamas and his wash kit.

She called me because she spotted my dad’s silver cigarette case, one of his watches and two of my mum’s gold rings in a dish in the spare room.

She even took photos to show me.

She couldn’t find anything else from “the burglary” and my ex is due home next week.

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Dad has died now so it won’t make any difference to him.

dice la tuta, should I report my ex? What should I do?

DEIDRE DICE: You must be very hurt by this. He may have done this to get back at you after your divorce.

But do you feel you want him to pay for this crime? That’s up to you.

At the very least, you need to call him out on it. Neither you nor your father deserved this treatment.

You’ll find help in deciding where to take this from here, through Victim Supportline (, 0808 16 89 111) which helps people to cope with the effects of trauma and crime.