Mon agent de location m'a laissé une note TRÈS grossière – mais certains disent que je suis à blâmer

A TENANT was left fuming over an “extremely rude” email she got from the letting agent but her view has left people divided on the issue.

Le Aussie renter took to Reddit to share the message she received which outlined an upcoming inspection of the propriété.

The message sent by the agent to the tenant

The message sent by the agent to the tenant

c'est l'homme que j'étais hier, the agent said the owner of the property wanted to come and inspect it herself.

Further on in the note, the agent pointed out several “untidy” areas around the home which could “be cleaner,” which left the tenant fuming.

The email reads: “The owner is in town and wish to see the unit herself, can we please book for the inspection on Tuesday 18/10/2022 entre 0900 – 1200 we will confirm a specific time closer to date.

“During the inspection, we noted that the bedrooms are untidy, clothes on the floor, spiderweb near the balcony doors, the bathroom and shower area can be cleaner. I would suggest to tidy the place so it’s better represent to the owner.

“Thank you for your corporation (sic)."

The Reddit user, known as “juniperjules” said she was offended by the suggestion the property wasn’t tidy.

“Is it just me or is this extremely f**king rude from the real estate?” she wrote in her Reddit post.

“Sick of this, it is our HOME.”

Inclus dans le des médias sociaux post was her response to the agent where she defended the state of their home.

Elle a dit: “Just to note, as we are very busy people with a lot going on, the apartment will not always look like a display home and will at times look lived in.

“I would suggest checking the notes and photos from the previous actual ‘inspection’ and see that at that time it was immaculate.

“As this previous visit was termed an ‘appraisal’ and not an official inspectionwe didn’t take the time to make it aesthetically pleasing for you and as such, you caught us in between our cleaning and tidying cycles.”


Elle a ajouté: “I apologise if this email has come off confrontational, this is not my intention, however we found your comments quite rude and as such just wanted to clarify that if it had been made clear that this was an inspection, then we would of made a concerted effort to have the unit wider for your viewing.”

Many commentators on the post sided with the tenant.

On a écrit: “I purposely make sure I have some clothes laying around. It shows that the place is lived in not spotless all the time.

“My real estate agent said she inspections are mainly to see that there is no physical damage to the property, not if there are some clothes on the floors/beds and some cobwebs.”

A second person said: “Yeah I don’t give a s**t about clothes when I inspect, long as there isn’t anything which will do lasting damage is all I care about.

“After the first two inspections you can see what people are like and I haven’t done one in the following five years beyond changing light globes etc for them.”

While a third added: “As an owner that is all I care about. My agent gets back to me mentions cobwebs dust, untidy etc and I say I don’t care.

“All those things can be cleaned when tenant leaves, all I care for is actual damage that will cost time and money to fix.

“Hell the place I live in is a mess, I have kids and a busy life why would I expect the person renting my other house to have life any easier than mine.”

Others though thought the problem lay with the owner rather than the agent.

One commentator said: “The owner is probably a f**kwit and is pressuring the agent.”

While a second chipped in with: “Those are probably the owner’s words. When he has an issue it’s passed to the agent.

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“The agent is just a messenger otherwise he wouldn’t waste his time with letters like this.”

Another thought the tenant had brought it on themselves, l'écriture: “Well I mean it’s your own fault reallyit’s rude of the estate agent to say it, but it shouldn’t have to be said. Tidy your s**t up.”