Mein Nachbar hat einen Zaun auf MEINEM Grundstück errichtet – und er will, dass ich dafür bezahle

A MUM-to-be has told how her neighbour put up a fence on her property before asking her to fork out £2,000 for it.

Die Frau, who is nine month pregnant, feels she has been conned, as she had only asked for a quote for the project.

A neighbour built a fence on a woman's property and is now asking her to pay for it

A neighbour built a fence on a woman’s property and is now asking her to pay for itAnerkennung: Getty

Writing on Reddit, she fumed: “Back in early April my partner and I were outside doing yard work and ended up chatting with our next door neighbour about a potential fencing project we were thinking about doing.

“When we were talking about this next project he said he would have to get back to us with a quote because he wasn’t exactly sure how much it would cost for materials.

“He said he would be checking it out later that week and would stop by to either let us know or just leave a quote in the mailbox, but he figured it would be around $2k.

“We told him to get us the quote, but if it were going to cost around $2k we would probably just do it ourselves later down the road or talk to him again once prices drop.

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“We were honest and upfront about that, it’s not a large section of fencing and that price was bananas to us.”

The woman then gave an update on the situationafter the neighbour went ahead with the work without her permission.

Sie sagte: "Gut, cue to today, June 21st. ich bin 9 months pregnant and heading home early from work when I see my neighbour’s workers have taken down my fence and already put half of a new fence up!!”

“He thought there was a problem with the quality of the wooden fence. ich sagte ihm, ‘The main problem is you never got us a quote and we didn’t agree for you to start this work. I don’t even know what figure I’m looking at here!’

“He LAUGHED! He said the wooden panels are $220 a piece (es gibt 3.5) and the fibre/plastic panelling is $330 per panel (like three and 1/4 Stücke??) and the cost of the gate is $450.

What can I do if my neighbour’s fence is on my property?

If the title deeds prove that the fence has been erected on your side of the boundary line, it’s best to point this out to your neighbour.

They may be unaware that this is the case, and they could offer to resolve the matter immediately.

If they are unwilling to listen, it’s still best to keep calm, as taking court action is expensive and may be more trouble than it’s worth.

There are other third parties you can turn to that can help with issues like this.

Zum Beispiel, das Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) offers a mediation service which helps neighbours to resolve disputes about boundary lines and related issues.

The cost of this will be considerably lower than court fees, but both of you have to agree to use it.

Don’t be tempted to damage or remove the fence even though it’s on your property, as this can escalate matters.

Paula Higgins, chief executive at HomeOwners Alliance, erzählte The Sun: “If the fence is on your land, it is technically tresspass.

If you are thinking of removing it, you should give your neighbour as much written warning as possible.

Though boundary disputes aren’t as black and white as this in most cases, and Paula recommends consulting a lawyer for advice before taking matters into your own hands.

According to solicitors Brown Turner Ross, you should aim to resolve the issue within 12 years to avoid something called adverse possession.

Adverse possession allows another party to gain ownership of your property, so it’s best to seek legal advise sooner rather than later.

“I told him there is no way I can pay that right now and again repeated that we didn’t agree to the cost let alone moving forward with the project.”

It comes as a legal expert has revealed the four most common neighbour spats to The Sun.

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