My neighbour threatened to tow our car after painting disabled bay AROUND it

A FRUSTRATED motorist has taken to the internet to ask what they can do about their threatening neighbours.

In a post uploaded to رديت, user maryj-lovie in اسكتلندا explains how her neighbour threatened to have her car towed over a disabled parking bay.

A battle of the blue badges is kicking off as explained by a motorist on reddit

A battle of the blue badges is kicking off as explained by a motorist on redditالإئتمان: جيتي

The post begins: ‘We have a blue badge for my sister because she has cerebral palsy but we’ve never applied for a disabled bay.

‘My sister is humble and has always expressed she doesn’t want a disabled bay.

‘Our neighbours have a (معاق) bay (و 4 سيارات) but always put a cone in it.

‘I don’t know who from their family it’s for but they save the space with a cone.

اليوم ، تم التقاط راكبي الدراجات السعداء صعودًا وهبوطًا في المملكة المتحدة وهم يركبون في منتصف الطريق بموجب القواعد الجديدة للحفاظ على سلامتهم

My mum parked in it one time after bringing my sister back from physio appointment and within a few minutes the woman came knocking and told her to move it.

‘My mum apologised and tried to explain there was no space as across the road is a nursery so parking is limited.

‘My sister needs full-on assistance getting from the car and upstairs into the house, she can’t do it alone.

‘Our neighbour speaks very broken english but she was actually so rude at that point and wouldn’t listen to what my mum said.

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But the Reddit user couldn’t believe their neighbour’s next move.

‘Today they got their second disabled bay painted around our car, right next to their first bay.

‘We had no idea otherwise my mum and dad would have made sure to have parked elsewhere.

‘My dad is refusing to move the car so now our neighbour’s son said they’re calling the council to get it towed, and to apply for our own bay.

‘I feel really anxious over the whole situation. I don’t want problems with our neighbours.

People offered their opinion on who was in the right down in the comments.

واحد: “Unless it’s specifically painted for use by a specific person by permit, your dad is 100% in the right. Just because they’ve applied for it means absolutely nothing.

Especially as you say the bay has been painted around the car. Even if you didn’t have a badge that car is not being towed by anyone. Tell them to kick rocks. Their cone means nothing either. Screw them.

قال آخر: “They can’t reserve it unless it’s a private car park. And the council should have informed them it’s available for use by anybody with a valid disabled blue badge.