Il cane del mio vicino continua a saltare oltre il recinto e a fare casino – cosa posso fare?

A REDDIT user complained their neighbour’s dog keeps jumping into their garden and even taking their kids’ giocattoli.

Here’s what you can do if your neighbour’s cane is a nuisance.

Dogs are man's best friend - ma, like your neighbour, they can be an enemy too

Dogs are man’s best friend – ma, like your neighbour, they can be an enemy too

ricompensatore Pepe Silvia complained their neighbour’s dog keeps leaping onto his lawn and making a mess.

The athletic boxer mix easily scales their 6ft fence, has snatched kidstoys from the garden and even urinated all over Pepe’s decking.

Pepe wrote: “I’ve spoken to my neighbour about this many times and she doesn’t seem to really care about it.

Looking for creative solutions to get this mutt out of our yard.

But making the fence higher will kill the view, Ha aggiunto.

Pepe said: “I am at my wit’s end.

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User cranberry– ha risposto: “You don’t deserve this and neither do your children.

What can you do about a neighbour’s nuisance dog?

Your first move should be a polite chat with your neighbour in search of an easy solution.

A garden leash or even a stern word with the dog on your neighbour’s part should do the trick.

But if they refuse, or the dog’s annoying behaviour doesn’t stop, legal action is an option.

Lawyer Nick Freeman, conosciuto come “Mr Loophole”, told The Sun that under the Dangerous Dogs Act, owners are responsible for keeping their pets under control.

Even if they pose no mortal threat to you or your children, it’s a criminal offence to let your dog run riot on someone else’s public property.

Egli ha detto: “Dog owners have a legal duty to ensure their pets are kept under control.

Advise the neighbours in writing that their pet poses a threat [or persistent nuisance] e, regrettably, if it’s in their garden on one more occasion it’ll be reported to the police.

They’ll possibly issue a summons and place the dog on the dangerous dogs register.”

Like most domestic issues, a polite but stern conversation should be enoughbut keep in mind there are more serious routes you can take if all else fails.

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