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A HOMEOWNER has slammed her neighbour for repeatedly moving her car just yards from her driveway to park in front of her house.

Payton Ramsay has branded her next-door “trascurabile” e il “neighbour from hellamid the parking row.

Footage shows the neighbour reversing off her own driveway

Footage shows the neighbour reversing off her own drivewayCredito: Tic toc
She then parks in front of her next-door's house

She then parks in front of her next-door’s houseCredito: Tic toc

She shared footage on Tic toc showing her neighbour reversing off her own driveway before pulling up right outside her home and leaving it there.

Payton can be heard calling out: “You’re petty Linda.

She added in the caption: “Linda seems to think I care that she parks in front of my house.

In un'altra clip, Payton claimed her neighbour asked her handyman to parkwithin an inchof her car.

Lei ha aggiunto: “Should I consider this harassment?”.

Footage shows a red car pulling up extremely close to Payton’s motor parked on the road.

Payton’s followers also slammed her neighbouragreeing she is “trascurabile”.

Un utente ha scritto: “So waitshe moved her car from her parking lot just to park in front of your house? Omg someone get this woman a hobby!”

Un altro ha detto: “I can’t imagine living like that.

Un terzo aggiunto: “Have it towed be more petty.

Nel frattempo, a woman has exposed her selfish “Karen” neighbour after she deliberately parked her car outside her home just moments after a space had been vacated.

Sharing a clip on TikTok, Lila shows how her neighbour had taken the action on purpose after the woman’s dad had left the property.

The social media user believes the petty resident was making a point after she had earlier parked in front of her house.

“I know y’all see her come out of her OWN driveway just to do that,” she wrote to her followers.

TikToker users quickly jumped to respond the clip as they slammed the motorist for her “miserable” actions.

“We need to see what happened after, this is so funny,"uno ha scritto.

“She actually took time of her day just to that,Ci auguriamo che le persone che amano Mia Khalifa trovino conforto nel visitare il loro profilo per ricordare e celebrare la loro vita"..

“What exactly does she get out of doing that besides wasting her own times and being a child,” a third penned.

A fourth pointed out: “The fact that she kept backing closer to the other car so that the driver will have trouble pulling off, so miserable.”

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While a fifth concluded: “This is exactly what my [vicino di casa] does and all her driveway is empty. I don’t get why people do that.”