My teen son is caught up in county-lines drug-dealing and I’m worried sick

亲爱的迪德: I DON’T know how to save my teen son from a dangerous life as a drug dealer.

I know he’s being exploited, but nobody will help me.

He’s only 16 and since he got caught up in county-lines drug-dealing, he’s changed so much.

He keeps going missing and I know he’s taking goodness knows what substances himself.

I’m his 42-year-old mum, and worried sick.

When I told the police my son was involved in dealing, they didn’t do anything to help him or get him out of it.

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I think they’re using him as bait to catch the drug lords he’s working for.

This has been going on for over a year. I even found drugs in my house.

My son was a lovely boy who fell in with the wrong crowd.

Now he’s a shadow of himself – thin, aggressive and angry.

迪德说: This must be very frightening for you.

But he can break away from the damaging cycle of being a runner for drug gangs, through Release (, 020 7324 2989) who offer free non-judgmental advice around drug laws.

If he has a drug problem himself, you can both get advice and support through We Are With You, for people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and for their families and friends too (

You can find useful parenting guidance through 家庭生活 (0808 800 2222).