My Tinder date lied about his height… then tried to convince me I was wrong

WE all like to show the most flattering versions of ourselves on dating profiles, but there’s a fine line between a little exaggeration and a full-blown lie.

A woman went on a Tinder date with a man who claimed he was six foot tall but was really only five foot sixhis lie backfired when he took it too far.

Vanessa told her followers a Tinder horror story

Vanessa told her followers a Tinder horror storyCrédito: TikTok/@youcanjustcallmevanessa
Many commenters related to the hilarious date

Many commenters related to the hilarious dateCrédito: TikTok/@youcanjustcallmevanessa

TikTok user Vanessa shared the Tinder horror story with her followers and people were left in stitches.

Ella dijo: “I had a Tinder date with a guy who said he was six feet tall. He was actually about five foot six.

“I chose not to say anything, but he kept finding ways to bring up the fact he was six feet. Como, he was trying to convince me.”

Vanessa, in a very awkward position, decided she had to say something.

“Eventually, dije: ‘I’m going to be honest. You can’t be six feet because I’m five foot nine and, no offence, but you’re shorter than me’.”

En este punto, one might think that the man would admit he’d been exaggerating and move on, but that’s not what happened.

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Vanessa said: “He then spent about 15 minutes trying to convince me I must be over six feet tall.”

El video se ha acumulado más de 100,000 views and commenters thought the story was hilarious.

“This had to be a dare”, said one commenter, and another joked: “2022 is the year ladies bring a measuring tape on dates.”

Many said they’d had similar experiences.

“I’m 5’2” and the guy was literally one inch taller than me and referred to himself as 5’8”, brought it up himself”, escribió un espectador.

Un segundo agregado: “Had this happen to me… Why lie? It’s embarrassing.”

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