Minha esposa foi diagnosticada com demência em 52 – Isso devastou nós dois

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN my wife started being forgetful and confused, I thought it was the menopause.

I didn’t for one moment imagine she could have dementia.

Minha esposa foi diagnosticada com demência em 52 - It's devastated the both of us

Minha esposa foi diagnosticada com demência em 52 – Isso devastou nós dois

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But at the age of 52 she has now been diagnosed with early-onset dementia and we are both devastated.

About two years ago, she started losing things and finding it hard to remember directions. Desde então, there’s been a steady decline.

Eu estou 53 and thought we had decades ahead of us.

All our dreams of retiring and going travelling are destroyed.

I face a future as a carer and she feels like she has no future.

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None of our friends understand.

A few of them have elderly parents who have Alzheimer’s, but my wife isn’t old.

DEIDRE DIZ: This is a devastating diagnosis. Get in touch with Dementia UK (dementiauk.org, 0800 888 6678) who can give you advice and put you in touch with other people in a similar situation.

Carers UK (carersuk.org, 0808 808 7777) can also support you.