I fan di Naked Attraction dicono tutti la stessa cosa su "imbarazzo".’ concorrente con un feticcio dell'ombelico – sei d'accordo?

NAKED Attraction viewers all said the same thing about a ‘cringeworthy’ concorrente con un feticcio dell'ombelico – but do you agree?

Tonight saw 24-year-old student Josh looking for love.

Naked Attraction fans all said the same thing about tonight's contestant

Naked Attraction fans all said the same thing about tonight’s contestant
Host Anna Richardson helped Josh find a lover

Host Anna Richardson helped Josh find a lover

Josh had six potential lovers to choose from as they revealed more of their naked body parts for each round.

The lad admitted to presenter Anna Richardson that he usually gets belly button fluffand admitted he finds them sexually attractive.

Pointing at one of his potential lovers, Anna asked: “Do you think you could collect the fluff in yellow’s belly button?”

Lui ha risposto: “If there was fluffI’d be straight in there.

However that wasn’t the thing that viewers were most shocked at.

One said on Twitter: “How old this bloke meant to be 24I am not sure all 24 year old men are like him. #NakedAttraction.

Un altro ha detto: “Josh is absolutely not 24! 34 yes but 24 not a chance!”

It comes days after viewers were left livid after a contestant was humiliated in the show’s worst ever snub.

Thursday’s episode saw Patrice join host Anna to try and find her dream man.

Patrice picked a guy called Dan and they ended up going on a date together.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

But three weeks later things seemed a little awkward on camera when he didn’t turn up.

Lei disse: “I’ve never been rejected or dealt with like this before. I felt like we had something butI’m hoping to find love when it’s ready to find me.

Viewers were left shocked.

Uno ha scritto: “Talk about mixed messages! Dan is a total a*****”.

Un secondo aggiunto: “I feel bad for her! He was so into her, so what happened?”

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Un terzo ha twittato: “Dan is a bit of a pr*** isn’t he? At least be man enough to tell her face-to-face.

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “Owch didn’t even turn up, what an a***hole.