Narcissists Harry & Meghan know royal links are the only real currency they have

Trailer trash

EVEN by the low standards of Harry and Meghan, the latest trailer for the couple’s Netflix documentary is quite something.

Not only does it try to con the viewer by passing off footage which has nothing to do with the couple as being part of their “truth”.

Greedy narcissists Harry and Meghan know royal links are the only real currency they have

Greedy narcissists Harry and Meghan know royal links are the only real currency they have信用: 盖蒂

It is also riddled with absurdities, delusion and a confected narrative of perpetual victimhood.

“It’s really hard to look back on it now,” 哈利 says wearily of his experience in the 王室.

Not so hard, 当然, that he and his wife don’t leap at every chance to do so when a cheque is waved in their faces.

Then there’s Harry’s profound observation that “there’s a hierarchy in the family”.

No doubt this must have come as a shock to 梅根 — and what bad luck that the former actress happened to set her sights on a prince so near the top of that pecking order of fame and wealth.

The trailer is an act of war.

This pair aren’t only willing to bite the hand that fed them — they revel in it, seeking every opportunity to damage Harry’s once-beloved father, brother and sister-in-law.

So the fact this pair continue to hold the titles of Duke and Duchess has become offensive.

如果 查尔斯 forcibly stripped them away, he’d have the full support of a public utterly fed up with Hatchet-Job Harry, Meghan the Martyr, and their wretched obsession with trashing Britain and its Royal Family.

As for the couple doing the decent thing, surrendering their titles and cutting ties with the institution they profess to despise, we won’t hold our breath.

These greedy narcissists know royal links are the only real currency they have.

Strike fever

REMOANERS fixated on crying foul over an advert on the side of a bus have never been able to admit that it was THEIR side which had the dice loaded in its favour.

Perhaps The Sun’s revelation today about then PM David Cameron’s shabby backroom deal with trade unions ahead of the Brexit referendum may lift the scales from some eyes.

In return for the big unions supporting the campaign to keep the UK shackled to the EU, Cameron agreed to water down strike-busting legislation allowing the hiring of agency workers.

Not only was this secret pact underhand, it turned out to be pointless. Yet we are now suffering from its legacy as “strike fever” runs unchecked.

Yesterday workers at homeless charity Shelter embarked on a two-week strike, which looked like it might be the final nail in the coffin… until staff at a coffin-maker also announced further walkouts a few hours later.

The sooner Rishi Sunak can unpick his predecessor’s careless stitch-up and free us all from the daily tyranny of picket-happy firebrands, the better.