Natalie Cassidy reveals secret holidays with June Brown away from EastEnders

EASTENDERS star Natalie Cassidy has opened up on just how close she and the late June Brown, الذي لعب Dot Cotton, really were.

تشغل عارضة الأزياء ناتالي روزر مقعدًا بينما يحلق صديقها الممثل في Home And Away plays Dot’s granddaughter Sonia Jackson on the hit بي بي سي soap opera.

Natalie Cassidy has revealed just how close she was to the late, great June Brown

Natalie Cassidy has revealed just how close she was to the late, great June Brownالإئتمان: بي بي سي
June Brown was an icon of Albert Square

June Brown was an icon of Albert Squareالإئتمان: العلمي

يونيو was one of Albert Square‘s most recognisable faces having played launderette worker Dot since 1985.

Actress Natalie has since confirmed that the bond that Sonia has on-screen with Dot, was reciprocated away from the show with the real-life stars sharing a close bond.

The star admitted that she and June even enjoyed taking holidays together.

Natalie told The Sun: “We had so much fun, we went on holidays together, she used to stay at my flat.

We would get a curry and drink a bottle of wine and learn our lines.

She admitted that growing up as a teenager on the show was made comforting by having the presence of older stars such as June around her.

Speaking of her earliest memories of working with June on the show, the actress revealed: “عندما كنت 14/15, we would have lunch in the canteen next door and we would chat away. I was a young teenager but I loved old company. I had older parents as well, I am an older soul.

So rather than having lunch with the youngsters I was working with I would always spend my time with June or Barbara [Windsor] or Pam [St Clement].”

واصلت: “June I spent many hours with in her dressing room, talking about her life.

She taught me so much, mainly how to listen. It is biggest secret in acting. And she used to say every sentence is a song, never be flat. It’s like a tune. I will always keep that with me.

Natalie’s character Sonia will be a central figure to the upcoming funeral episodes which will provide a fitting send off to Dot.

She confirmed it was an honour to have been chosen to play such big and important role in the historic episode.

June last appeared on screens in January 2020 when Dot went to live in Ireland.

The actress passed away earlier this year at her home in Surrey.

Dot appeared on the show since 1985

Dot appeared on the show since 1985الإئتمان: مذكرة
Dot will be remembered in a special episode

Dot will be remembered in a special episodeالإئتمان: بي بي سي