Neighbour hates that I have parking spot – what she did when I left shocked me

A DRIVER has revealed the extreme measures their neighbour does as a result of her not liking them having a parking spot.

In a TikTok video, the motorist can be seen pulling away from outside their house and driving away and then turning right.

The moment the driver pulls away from their parking spot

The moment the driver pulls away from their parking spot
The moves her car to take up two spots

The moves her car to take up two spots

At that point, his neighbour runs out from her house and gets into her red car, footage filmed from upstairs window of the house shows.

She then drives the vehicle a few feet down the road between the two spots to prevent her neighbour parking there.

Job done, she then gets goes back into her property.

“When your neighbour doesn’t like you having a parking spot,” says the shocked TikToker.

Fellow users were sympathetic with many wondering what motivated the woman.

“I wonder how it actually comes to peoples lives being this sad,” said one.

Another added: “How fast she came out after they left what a sad life to lead lol.”

Others pondered how to get revenge with one saying: “I would buy a cheap car make it road legal and leave it there for 2 years.”

It comes as one woman has exposed her selfish “Karen” neighbour after she deliberately parked her car outside her home just moments after a space had been vacated.  

Sharing a clip on TikTok, Lila shows how her neighbour had taken the action on purpose after the woman’s dad had left the property.

The TikTok user believes the petty resident was making a point after she had earlier parked in front of her house.

“I know y’all see her come out of her OWN driveway just to do that,” she wrote to her followers.

Another homeowner has slammed her neighbour for repeatedly moving her car just yards from her driveway to park in front of her house.

Payton Ramsay has branded her next door neighbour “petty” and the “neighbour from hell” amid the ongoing parking row.

She shared footage on TikTok showing her neighbour reversing off her own driveway before pulling up right outside her home and leaving it there.

Payton can be heard calling out: “You’re petty Linda.”

She added in the caption: “Linda seems to think I care that she parks in front of my house.”