Neue Covid-Variante ist „ansteckender als Delta“’ und wird wahrscheinlich Großbritannien erreichen

THE frightening Covid variant spreading through southern Africa ismore transmissiblethan Delta and will likely reach Britain, ministers today warned.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid told MPs the Nu strain is ofhuge international concernbecause it could dodge our vaccines.

Sajid Javid gives an urgent Covid update today

Sajid Javid gives an urgent Covid update today

Mr Javid said: “We are concerned that this new variant may pose substantial risk to public health. The variant has an unusual large number of mutations.

He warned the Nu mutation combined the Alpha, Beta and Delta super-strains that surged through Britain during the pandemic.

The Health Secretary added early indications show the current vaccinesmay be less effective against it”.

Last night six countries including South Africa were slammed on the travel red list as health officials raced to track down any cases.

Cabinet colleague Grant Shapps earlier braced Brits that the Nu mutation could soon reach the UK despite the new border controls.

He said the UK wasbuying timeby adding South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Namibia to its travel red list, adding that the Government was taking asafety-first approach”.

Passengers arriving into the UK from these countries from 4am on Sunday will be required to book and pay for a Government-approved hotel quarantine for 10 Tage.

Scientists around the globe are worried about the “schrecklich” number of mutations on the virus spike protein in the variant, which they fear could make it highly transmissible, more deadly and make vaccines less effective.

Dr Hopkins told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the variant had around “30 different mutations that seem relevantthat’s double what we had in Delta (Variante)”.

Sie hat hinzugefügt: “If we look at those mutations, there’s mutations that increase infectivity, mutations that evade the immune response both from vaccines and from natural immunity, mutations that cause increased transmissibility.

It’s a highly complex mutation, there’s also new ones that we have never seen before.

She said the variant was themost worryingseen by scientists but much was as yet unknown.

Brits should ‘be ready for restrictionsover new variant threat

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