Nick Grimshaw quits Radio 1 后 14 years on air

NICK Grimshaw has quit Radio 1 后 14 years at the BBC station.

星星 will announce on his Drivetime show today that he is leaving 14 years after he joined in 2007.

Nick Grimshaw has quit Radio 1

Nick Grimshaw has quit Radio 1

一位消息人士告诉 镜子: “Grimmy has loved every minute and done everything he ever dreamed of on Radio 1.

It has been a really hard decision but he is looking forward to the next chapter in his life.”

Grimmy, 36, reportedly told BBC bosses he wanted to leave several weeks ago.

Radio 1 have now appointed Jordan North and Vick Hope to replace him.

Nick Grimshaw is quitting Radio 1's Breakfast Show

Nick Grimshaw is quitting Radio 1’s Breakfast Show信用: 功放:新闻协会

Jordan North’s popularity has soared since his appearance on I’m A Celebrity last year.

The 31-year-old DJ currently presents a weekend show on Radio 1.

同时, Vick’s profile has also seen the benefit of reality TV after taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.

The source added: “They both can’t wait to get started and jumped at the chance to step into Grimmy’s shoes in such a high-profile slot.

Jordan North and Vick Hope will replace Grimmy

Jordan North and Vick Hope will replace Grimmy信用: Instagram的
Vick formerly presented the Capital Breakfast Show

Vick formerly presented the Capital Breakfast Show信用: 盖蒂

They’ve both earned the chance to reach a much bigger audience and fully intend to grasp what is a brilliant opportunity.

It comes three years after Grimmy stepped down from his job as host of Radio 1’s Breakfast Show.

DJ Nick confirmed the news on air before confirming that Greg James would be taking over the slot at the end of the summer in 2018.

The DJs went on to swap roles, with Nick launching his own Drivetime show on the radio station.

Speaking on air, Nick said: “I went for tea with all the team last night and told everyone what was going on.

No-one spoke for a while. Everyone was like, ‘WHAT?’

Nick hosted the morning slot from 2012 到 2018

Nick hosted the morning slot from 2012 到 2018信用: 盖蒂 – 贡献者

I’m excited about a new chapter, about doing a new show. I feel good.

I don’t know the exact dates, but it’s sort of end of August-y time.

他加了: “There’s no me in the mornings and I’ll be on another time.

And Greg James will be taking over.

Fellow Radio 1 star Greg James took over the Breakfast Show, while Nick launched his own drive-time programme

Fellow Radio 1 star Greg James took over the Breakfast Show, while Nick launched his own drive-time programme信用: 盖蒂 – 贡献者

Greg was sat in the studio when the announcement was made and told stunned listeners: “I didn’t sleep one hour [昨晚], it’s too much.

We’ve been holding on to this secret for a while.

Nick added: “Greg and I wanted to tell you ourselves.

The pair then joked that they had been worried about getting drunk and spilling the beans at last week’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Congratulating his pal on his Breakfast Show, Greg then told Nick: “Doing the show for six years is an amazing effort, 祝贺.

It’s so cool we get to swap and I get a go at the most famous show in the world.

Nick presented Radio 1’s Breakfast Show since 2012.

He was brought in as a replacement for long-standing host Chris Moyles, who began fronting the slot in 2004.

In a statement from the BBC Nick said he was looking forward to switching off his alarm in the morning.

他说: “It was always my dream to do the breakfast show and I’m very grateful that I got to live my dream every day for what will be nearly six years.

But six years is a long time and this isn’t a forever job.

I had the time of my life. I’ve decided it’s time for a change and a new show.

I love Radio 1 and can’t wait to get on with the new time slot and the removal of all alarms from my house.

Greg currently hosts Radio 1's weekday breakfast show

Greg currently hosts Radio 1’s weekday breakfast show

他加了: “I’m so happy to be swapping shows with my friend and yours Greg James, and can’t wait to wake up to him each morning. Not literally. Just on the radio. Unless he’s up for it.

Greg, 同时, 说: “I am completely beside myself that I’ve been given the chance to present the most famous radio show in the world.

It really doesn’t get any bigger than this and I really want to build on the great work Grimmy has done.

The listeners have become like mates during the ten years I’ve been on air, so to be there when they wake up is a real honour.

They’re always front and centre and this will of course be the case on the new breakfast show.

他继续: “It’s going to be the most enjoyable challenge I’ve ever undertaken and I can’t wait to get started.

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