Ninja Air Fryer Dual Zone が 30 ポンド値下げされた珍しいブラック フライデー セール

と 5 searches a minute this Black Friday, it seems everyone is looking for Air Fryer deals.

Top of our wish list is this amazing Ninja Food Dual Zone Air Fryer.

Looking for a great deal on an Air Fryer this Black Friday?

Looking for a great deal on an Air Fryer this Black Friday?クレジット: EBAY

今から入手可能, the huge deal is not to be missed.

The incredible Ninja Food Dual Zone 9.5L Air Fryer is down to just £199.99, from £229.00.

While the Ninja Food Dual Zone 7.6L Air Fryer is currently £179.99, down from £199.99.

The deal is available to shop now until midnight on December 1, or whilst stock lastwhichever is first!



With dual doors, インクルード Ninja Food Dual Zone 9.5L Air Fryer is perfect for familiesor just the very hungry, allowing you to cook two different items at once.

Air Fryers have been a huge hit with shoppers of late as they use less energy consumption and can help to reduce your bills in the face of rising costs as they can be as half as expensive to use than your average oven.

Air fryers cook food by convection heating. When you place food in the basket and turn your air fryer on, hot air is pumped around the food by the fan.

This process makes the food crisp, like deep frying but without the oil.

And it’s also healthier, cutting calories by at least 70%, and using less fat then deep frying.

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