Northerners sleep better than southerners as ‘more sleeping pills doled out

NORTHERNERS sleep better than southerners, statistics suggest.

ال NHS figures show more sleeping pills were doled out down South in the past year, mainly in seaside resorts.

Statistics suggest northerners sleep better than southerners

Statistics suggest northerners sleep better than southernersالإئتمان: جيتي

Nationally GPs wrote eight million prescriptions worth £66million in total last year.

Experts claim our “always-on” lives have contributed to an insomnia epidemic.

Clacton in إسكس was top of the list, مع 3.14 per cent of the population needing help to drop off.

Other seaside hotspots in the top ten are ديفون, كورنوال و يحرص إيفرتون على بيع جوردان بيكفورد المصنف 30 مليون جنيه إسترليني مع اهتمام توتنهام.

لينكولنشاير, St Helens and South Sefton on Merseyside are the only northern areas in the rankings.

Patients in their 50s were the most likely to be prescribed sleeping pills, followed by those in their 70s.

There have been fears about people getting hooked.

في وقت سابق من هذا العام, Boris Johnson’s ex-lover Petronella Wyatt said she had checked into a Swiss clinic to break her addiction.

Nuno Albuquerque, of the UK Addiction Treatment Group, قالت: “In today’s world, our minds can wander when they should be resting.”