Um pedaço do naufrágio de Roswell pode forçar o governo a admitir segredos de OVNIs, diz especialista

DISCOVERING just one tiny fragment of debris from the infamous Roswell UFO crash could force the US government to disclose its UFO secrets, a real-life Fox Mulder has claimed.

Former Ministry of Defence investigator Nick Pope says we are still no closer to finding out what happened at the infamous Roswell crash even after 75 anos.

Nick Pope says a fragment from the Roswell crash could be tested and proved to be a UFO

Nick Pope says a fragment from the Roswell crash could be tested and proved to be a UFOCrédito: SWNS
Nick Pope was a Ministry of Defence investigator

Nick Pope was a Ministry of Defence investigatorCrédito: Nick Pope

Contudo, he believes if just one tiny fragment of the debris could be found, it could force UFO disclosure as it would begame overfor any government cover-up.

Speaking on this weekend’s 75th anniversary of the incident, in which an unknown craft crashed in the New Mexico desert sparking decades of theories about alien bodies and government cover-ups, UFO expert Nick said the events of July 2, 1947, remain a mystery.

Ele disse ao The Sun, “Roswell is literally the ground zero of the modern UFO mystery. If you stop someone in the street who has no interest or particular belief in UFOs, there’s a good chance they’ll have heard of Roswell.

"Mas 75 years inI’m not sure we are nearer to any answers.

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My grandad was at the Roswell UFO crash & he told us ALIEN bodies were found


My grandad was at the Roswell UFO crash & he told us ALIEN bodies were found

I’m a little conflicted on this but a UFO case is like a police investigationthe first 48 hours are critical.

If you don’t solve it within the first 48, your chances of ever doing so rapidly diminish.

So that’s my pessimistic opinion. My optimistic opinion is that occasionally cops do a cold case review.

They will delve back into a case. Some new piece of information will come forward, like a new witness, a new document, or a new photograph.

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Or you get something like a new technique, forensics DNA, and suddenly this case from decades ago gets solvedmaybe there’ll be something like that with Roswell.

Nick says that if any wreckage or debris from the crash still exists and was discoveredtoday’s testing could immediately ascertain whether the UFO was from outer spaceor earth.

It only takes one critical piece of evidence that can blow the thing wide open,” ele disse.

I think whether you are a skeptic or believer, nobody disputes that something crashed, and where something crashed there is debris.

People love souvenirs so if you are if you back in 1947 and you’re told, ‘okay, you need to clear up all this stuff’ – somebody is going to have put a tiny piece of it in their pocket and that person’s grandson or granddaughter may have it in a little box somewhere or in the attic.

In terms of the science, if we got our hands on a single piece of wreckage, it would be immediately discernible whether this was alien or terrestrial because there are scientific tests that frankly, that any high school chemistry student could do, that would tell whether something had been subjected to cosmic rays of outer space or not.

Such an experiment could force the government to reveal any UFO secrets it may have been hiding, Nick said.

Could this force disclosure? It could because it’s, it’s binary,” ele adicionou.

If there is a piece of wreckage, somewhere in a warehouse, in a hanger, wherever it might be, you could do isotopic ratio analysis and you could tell, has this been in space or not?

And then it would be game over.

So I think there is work that still could be done on this.

And it will show either, there’s something weird and otherworldly about this or there isn’t.

Nick and other UFOexperts, alien hunters, and six fans descended on the town of Roswell this weekend for a festival to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Roswell crash.

The grandson of the first responder to the crash, Jesse Marcel, who attended the event, told The Sun how his grandfather revealed that alien bodies were found and he was part of the cover-up.

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Another attendee Travis Waltonone of the most famous ‘alien abducteesin the world revealed how people are finally starting to believe the extraordinary story of how he was taken on board a spaceship and experimented on.

And retired military cop James Clarkson revealed how a local funeral director had been asked by the military to provide child-sized coffins after the 1947 batida – thought to be for alien bodies.

UFO enthusiasts flocked to Roswell for the 75 anniversary of the UFO crash

UFO enthusiasts flocked to Roswell for the 75 anniversary of the UFO crashCrédito: Travis Walton