I nostri fan dello Yorkshire Farm sono preoccupati dopo aver individuato un segnale preoccupante nell'ultima foto di famiglia di Amanda Owen

OUR Yorkshire Farm fans spotted a worrying sign after Amanda Owen shared a recent family photo.

Il canale 5 stella, 47, delighted fans by sharing a sweet photo of her posing alongside four of her children, Miglia, 15, Sidney, dieci, Clemmie, sei, and Nancy, cinque, at Ravenseat Farm.

Our Yorkshire Farm fans spotted a worrying sign in Amanda Owen's latest family photo

Our Yorkshire Farm fans spotted a worrying sign in Amanda Owen’s latest family photoCredito: Instagram
Amanda's fans pointed out her arm wrapped in bandages

Amanda’s fans pointed out her arm wrapped in bandagesCredito: Twitter

tuttavia, some followers were left concerned after spotting a bandage wrapped around the her right arm.

Worried fans raced to comment, con una scritta: “Lovely pics, oh no what [avere] you done to your arm!”

Amanda has not revealed details about the injury, but fans are aware that recently sheared the family’s flock of sheep and has previously suffered injuries while doing so.

Last year Amanda received a black eye while carrying out the physical process.

She told viewers: “[Shearing] comes with its dangers, when you’re clipping if you’re half-decent at it, you make it look a lot easier than it is.

If your sheep starts to struggle, it’s quite easy to get cut or bashed or bruised and a black eye, ovviamente, which I have actually managed and you, you got a lump out of you as well.

Amanda’s latest post comes after she announced she and husband Clive were going their separate ways a seguire 22 anni di matrimonio.

The news sparked fears for the future of the popular Canale 5 docu-series.

Our Yorkshire Farm fans were left saddened by the announcement when Amanda broke the news on her Instagram account on last month in an emotional statement.

She told her 513k followers: “Clive and I are sad to confirm that we have made the difficult decision to separate.

This hasn’t been easy, but we both believe it’s the right choice for the future of our family.

Although we are no longer a couple, we continue to work on the farm and co-parent together, with our number one priority the happiness and well-being of our children.

tuttavia, she reassured their army of fans that they would continue to work on the farm and co-parent their nine children together.

Durante un'apparizione su James Martin‘s Saturday Morning late last year, Amanda spoke out about life on the farm as a busy working mum-of-nine.

Asked how the farm has changed since she first arrived looking for a tup many years ago, Amanda remarked Clive È più o meno l'età in cui i bambini di molte persone stanno crescendo “scioccato” by just how different it is.

Fellow Yorkshireman and TV chef James asked: “So has the farm changed since you first met your partner? Has it changed, have you managed to change that?

Because you and Clive must be quite stuck in your ways in terms of the sheep farmers up there, they must be quite stuck in their ways, have you managed to put your spin on it?”

Amanda responded: “I probably have, if you could see into a crystal ball to see where we are now, he would be quite surprised.

He has definitely got his head around the old pasta bake and things are obviously busy, but it is good.