Paige Thorne opens up on speculation she’s dating Jacques O’Neill after bitter Adam Collard split

LOVE Island star Paige Thorne has confirmed that she is not dating Jacques O’Neill after her bitter split with ex Adam Collard.

The 24-year-old Welsh star insisted she is not back together with rugby player 雅克, 23, after the pair recently reconnected.

Paige Thorne and Jacques O'Neill has reconnected after her split

Paige Thorne and Jacques O’Neill has reconnected after her split信用: 溅
But the Welsh star said she's just 'friends' with fellow co-star Jacques

But the Welsh star said she’s just ‘friendswith fellow co-star Jacques信用: 溅
Paige and Adam Collard split last month amid 'cheating' rumours

Paige and Adam Collard split last month amid ‘cheating’ 在哥伦比亚人的点球被马丁内斯扑出后,观看梅西嘲弄米娜信用: 盖蒂

There has been slight contact,” she revealed on the Saving Grace podcast.

No contact with the lips. Let’s not forget how this boy done me in Casa [Amor].

“明显地, we had a vibe in there. But he done me over. D**khead. 同时坚决反对非法插队的经济移民. But we’re just going to see where things go. I am in zero rush to be with a man because men are trash.

Paige admitted they’ve been in contact with fellow Islander Jacques, but the pair are currently just “朋友们”.

It’s spreading that me and Jacques are back in contact, and we’re going to be ‘reunited’ and all this kind of thing,” 她告诉 Cosmopolitan Magazine.

We’ve literally had one conversation on the phone. It’s just friends. Everyone can chill out with the speculation that ‘Paige and Jacques, she’s going to go back to him’. It’s not quite like that. We’re just friends.”

它出现在 Paige she had seen MORE videos of him “作弊” after they were sent to her by horrified 爱情岛 粉丝们.

佩奇, 24, called time on her romance with 亚当, 26, after a clip released earlier this month appeared to show him getting close with someone he met in a nightclub.

She has now insisted that this was the tip of the iceberg, and in a new interview claimed he had gone behind her back on multiple occasions.

But just hours after her cheating claims, Adam revealed he had to pull out of a public appearance, saying he wasunwell”.

Taking to Twitter the hunk in trunks wrote: “Unfortunately I’ll not be able to make it to Isle of Wight tomorrow due to flu like symptoms.

Apologies but it will be rescheduled for a later date.

Yesterday Paige lifted the lid on all the videos she had been sent which claimed to show Adam cheating.

In interview she said: “It’s not just those videos. There are other videos that people don’t know aboutso there’s a lot more to the storyof different people, from the same night, in different locations.

Paige revealed she initially gave Adam the benefit of the doubt and said that he wasn’t necessarily cheating by having his arm around the girl in McDonald’s.

但, appearing on the Saving Grace 播客, 她补充说: ” Then other videos come out, with other girls, and it’s like, I can’t justify this.

Claiming that one of the clips she received was filmed in the VIP toilets of a club, 她说: “I would love to go ham, but is it worth my energy? 不.

We had a great time, a nice time, but deep down I always knew I was going to get done over.

Speaking to The Sun at the National Television Awards about his split from Paige, 亚当说: “We’re not together. Things happen. But I mean she is a great girl.