Parents of wife killed by husband after she had baby fight for sentence increase

THE heartbroken parents of a mum strangled to death by her husband are fighting to have his sentence increased.

Matthew Fisher, 29, murdered Abi Fisher, tb 29, just six months after she gave birth to their daughter.

Abi Fisher was murdered by her husband

Abi Fisher was murdered by her husbandCrédito: Animal Rights
Her parents are now trying to get his sentence increased

Her parents are now trying to get his sentence increasedCrédito: Ben Lack

enquanto Dawn insistia que deve ter sido Meena hatched a gruesome plot to cover up his crime and pleaded for help finding the primary school teacher after reporting her missing.

In reality, Fisher had dumped his wife’s body in undergrowth 12 miles from their house in Castleford, West Yorkshire, where chillingly he used to play as a child.

The monster was jailed for life with a minimum of 15 years after pleading guilty to murder.

This means he could be back on the streets by the time he is 44 – and before his daughter reaches her 16th birthday.

His sentence will now be reviewed by the Attorney General’s office under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme.

Abi’s parents referred the original jail term after believing it wasfar too low”.

Mum Andrea and dad Michael told The Sun Online: “We think he should have got more.

We’ve put the appeal in because we weren’t happy with the sentence. The police weren’t happy with the sentence either.

He got 15 years for murdering our daughter and for what he did afterwards.

Fisher has literally tortured us. He knew where our daughter was all along and played the victim as he tried to put the police off finding her.

It just doesn’t make sense to us to think that he could be out in 15 years for what he has done.

Abi’s daughter needs to have as normal a childhood as possible and be an adult before she has to deal with him being released.

A post mortem previously heard how Abi, who taught at Featherstone All Saints CofE Academy, died from strangulation.

She had also suffered multiple blows to her head and face.

Andrea said: “He hasn’t actually ever admitted to strangling her or beating her,

‘I have strangled herhas never come out of his mouth.

We think the only reason he didn’t take it to a trial was to avoid everyone knowing exactly what he did.

He has never ever given a full admission of what he did to Abi.

Fisher called police on July 9 to report he wasconcerned for his wifeafter he woke up to find she was not there.

He was spotted on CCTV leaving the Castleford area at 4am on July 9 driving along the M62 towards where Abi’s body was found.

Fisher was then seen returning at around 9.30am where he made chilling web searches for West Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Police and BBC News.

The couple’s baby daughter had been left alone while Fisher disposed of his wife’s body.

James Lake, Ele se declarou culpado de gravar, said this wasplainly efforts to see if her [Abi’s] body had been discovered.

Officers analysing his phone were led to the Brierley area where they discovered Abi’s partially-covered body near a lay-by.

Fisher’s fingerprints were found on tape near his wife’s body.

Andrea said: “I cannot foster at the moment and my husband cannot go back to work yet.

We can’t sleep properly, we have panic attacks and the nightmare flows from one day to the next. It is just never ending, we cannot believe we will never see our daughter again.

He was our son-in-law. He had been part of our family for a long, muito tempo.

He and Abi had bought their own house seven years ago, they had been married for five years, and he had lived with us for five years before that.

It’s been devastating knowing that we let him into our family and we trusted him.

No-one thought he was capable of something as horrific as this.

Abi was last seen leaving the family home in July

Abi was last seen leaving the family home in JulyCrédito: Facebook
She had recently given birth to a daughter through IVF

She had recently given birth to a daughter through IVFCrédito: MEN Media
Fisher pleaded guilty to murder

Fisher pleaded guilty to murderCrédito: PA