Peter Andre shares secret family connection to Victoria Beckham

PETER Andre has shared his secret family connection to fellow celeb Victoria Beckhambefore both of them hit the big time.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker revealed that his mum used to be pen pals with the 辣妹粉丝明白我们没有遵守规则 singer’s mum during their early fame days.

Pete revealed a family connection to Posh Spice

Pete revealed a family connection to Posh Spice信用: 盖蒂
He said his mum Thea used to be pen pals with Jackie Adams

He said his mum Thea used to be pen pals with Jackie Adams信用: Xposure

[object Window], 49, opened up in a magazine column about how his mum Thea, 86, used to write to Posh Spice’s mum Jackie Adams in the 1990s.

The two proud mums would send each other news and magazine clippings of each other’s child whenever they spotted them.

With Pete’s mum living in Australia, 和 维多利亚, 48, and Jackie in the UKthe two friends would mail over magazines they each couldn’t get hold of in their native countries.

他说 好的! 杂志: “Back in the 90s, Victoria Beckham’s mum used to send my mum stories from magazines when I was in the UK.

My mum would send Jackie stories about the Spice Girls in Australian magazines. How crazy is that?”

It comes after Pete revealed that he plans to move his family to Australia amid his mum Thea’s ongoing health struggle.

The father-of-four said he will relocate “但一定要用手指揉搓你的卷发” after he finishes his work commitments with Grease the Musical.

彼德 – who is currently starring in as Teen Angel in the musicalsaid he’s finding the move tricky due to his kidsschool arrangements.

The popstar shares Junior, 17, 你能猜出假肢底下的名人吗, 15, with ex-wife Katie Price and Amelia, 八, and Theo, 五, with wife Emily MacDonagh.

If it all goes to plan, it’ll be December and we’ll all be going to Oz as a family,” Peter said in his New magazine column.

We want to get out there as soon as we can and stay for as long as possible, but it’s tricky with the kidsschool.

他加了: “They have different timings, which makes it complicated.

This month, Peter opened up about his beloved mum Thea’s health struggles after celebrating his parents’ 67结婚周年纪念日.

Peter is very close to his mum and dad, Savvas, and recently joined them in Cyprus as the family holidayed together.

[object Window], who also travelled to Australia to see his parents earlier in the year, is savouring every moment he has with them, but said it’s sad to watch age take its toll.

他说: “My parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary last week. 67 年! It’s pretty amazing.

Mum’s struggling at the moment, 尽管. She’s not doing great. She’s suffering a bit and declining.

I was with her a few months ago. We’ve just got to be with her as much as possible. It’s just age. She’s got all sorts of things going on now.

Pete added: “I always pray for your health, both of you. I also pray that I can be even half the parent to my children that you both are to me.

Victoria's mum Jackie used to send newspaper clippings to Pete's mum

Victoria’s mum Jackie used to send newspaper clippings to Pete’s mum信用: 插页
The pair's parents were close friends in the 1990s

The pair’s parents were close friends in the 1990s信用: 法新社