DID I miss something or is Molly-Mae Hague the first woman in the world to become pregnant?

You’d think so from the gasps and shrieks that came from my daughter’s gob when she screamed the news across my kitchen last weekend.

It feels like Molly-Mae Hague is the first person to ever be pregnant

It feels like Molly-Mae Hague is the first person to ever be pregnantクレジット: インスタグラム
The attention-seeking couple had a gender reveal

The attention-seeking couple had a gender revealクレジット: instagram/@mollymae

私は思った, foolishly, maybe the Tories had seen sense and deposed リズ・トラス for her string of balls-ups. But oh no.

A 23-year-old, unskilled and naïve influencer has got a bun in the oven.

And she’s having a girl, we now know, because she posted one of those ghastly, 不潔な服, 「「gender reveal” videos. (Must be exhausting for the poor sod who has to video her every waking moment.)

だが, もちろん, インクルード pregnancy announcement has not come without its many sleb dramas.

Not only has this been the “emotionally hardest” period of her life, poor lamb, but hapless Molly Mae has cried FIVE times a day and her whole body has been consumed by the shock of it all.

As somewhat of a veteran of pregnancies, I admit, it can be a ballache of emotions — it’s a rollercoaster — and she might run the gamut of them.

But to be talking about it as if she’s enduring some form of PTSD is drama of the highest order.

And it must be galling for those women who just crack on with it and, worse still, for those who truly suffer from the debilitating side-effects of 妊娠 全体に.

Is it just an attempt by MM to make herself sound like one of us and that, despite her gilded life, she knows suffering, あまりにも?

It could be my age, but I’m at the end of my tether with these modern-day, lightweight slebs and influencers making melodramas from anything from a trip to the shops to their latest haircuts.

Becoming pregnant is, 結局, one of the most natural things to happen to a woman.

だが, その後, I guess if you’re 23, largely inexperienced and an unqualified “content creator” who is also a creative director of a huge fashion firm which, incidentally, amounts to organising canapes for launch parties, becoming pregnant with your long-term boyfriend and having a £6million 純資産 might just send you over the edge.

A 23-year-old, unskilled and naïve influencer has got a bun in the oven

A 23-year-old, unskilled and naïve influencer has got a bun in the ovenクレジット: インスタグラム
Their gender reveal was ghastly

Their gender reveal was ghastlyクレジット: インスタグラム

I’m intens­ely irritated by young women like MM relentlessly making announcements and drawing attention to themselves to keep in the spotlight and newsworthy.

承諾する, the girl has more than six million followers on social media, rakes in millions from her YouTube videos, is a squillionaire and rattles around in a grand mansion.

But what skillset is all this based on? What and where is the real value of MM?

The girl didn’t even win ラブアイランド に 2019, she was a runner-up and now she’s been propelled to the dizzy heights of fame and accruing the kind of dosh most hard-working people will never achieve.

I speak not from envy. I’m furiously irked by the pointlessness of someone like MM.

I’m not alone. Many will follow her with some misplaced fascination — perhaps even consternation that someone with a pretty, largely vacant face has “achieved” so much.

I wonder what message that sends to the next generation. And before I get it in the neck that I’m taking delight in “slating” another woman, this has nothing to do with the sex of the person. I’m an ardent feminist, but my role is not just to hold men to account.

I will vent my opinion about anyone I feel represents something I feel is wrong.

When I am forced to witness someone make a drama out of pregnancy, having only progressed in life through sheer good fortune and not hard work, it grinds my gears.

Money-making opportunity

I have no doubt their baby is longed-for, but their posts grind my gears, ウルリカは言う

I have no doubt their baby is longed-for, but their posts grind my gears, ウルリカは言うクレジット: インスタグラム

They seem like a nice couple, MM and トミーフューリー. I have no doubt this baby is much wanted, longed for even.

But the cynic in me tells me it also represents an excellent money-making  opportunity. How long before the Pretty Little Thing baby range?

It’s all the more galling when we’ve all borne witness to MM claiming that if her fans were willing to work as hard as her, they too could be as rich. ああ, the naivety, the insensitivity, the lack of intelligence and empathy.

Not to mention the lack of understanding of the lives of others at a time when most people cannot sleep at night for fear of losing their homes.

She might be 23 and merely a young, delicate flower. But if you are prepared to bask in the sunshine of freebies, luxury and living a gratuitous life, you also have responsibility and have to be prepared to stand up and be counted.

And God help us all if MM gets varicose veins or a leaky bladder. Or when the time comes for her to push that watermelon-sized baby out of her delicate frou-frou.

個人的に, I’m looking forward to her sleepless nights.

その時点で, MM, may really have a reason to cry.

There’s life in the old bastard yet

I was deeply moved by Jeremy Paxman confronting his Parkinson's disease

I was deeply moved by Jeremy Paxman confronting his Parkinson’s diseaseクレジット: PA

I was deeply moved by the candid, authored documentary by one of this country’s fiercest interviewers, ジェレミーパックスマン, confronting the onset of his パーキンソン病.

As to be expected, Paxman would be the last person to plead for sympathy – he’s always been a man who’s appeared irritated by other people’s emotions.

But seeing his physical shape much diminished and his facial expression hugely reduced was a stark reminder of how cruel and unsuspecting this degenerative disease is; the way it creeps up and effectively robs 1 に 500 of us of our coordination and ability to function normally.

Paxman says he feels “beaten, dejected and frustrated” by his condition.

これにもかかわらず, he’s lost none of his no-nonsense, acerbic temperament.

Paxman may be on the decline but there’s life in the old bastard yet.

トニー・アダムス’ brave sex addiction admission

Tony Adams was very brave to open up about his sex addiction

Tony Adams was very brave to open up about his sex addictionクレジット: PA

Despite not being a 砲手, I’ve always been partial to a bit of トニー・アダムス.

It could be because he opened about his addiction to alcohol and in my eyes, transformed himself from a hardman of football to an honest, vulnerable giant.

And now that he’s tripping the light fantastic on 厳密に, he’s revealed how sex with his ex, モデル, Caprice, was addictive and he considered himself a sex addict.

Some people are more prone to an addictive personality, もちろん, but while ‘性依存症’ has been somewhat lost in the maelstrom of various Hollywood ‘slebs wishing to excuse their countless infidelities and other, mere mortals, thriving on wearing the ‘sex addict’ mantle with a sense of helpless pride, the condition does actually exist.

I made a documentary about Sex Addiction some 15 years ago for Channel 4 and as with many addictions, this one is not about how many notches you have on your bedpost; how much sex you’re having but rather the reasons why you feel compelled to have sex with (仮面の歌手の母なる自然は誰ですか) numerous partners or constantly watch internet porn.

The reasons can be complex and often stem from historical trauma.

We throw the term around a bit too lightly nowadays – almost as if it’s a joke or a badge of honour even, without really shining a light on the very profound reasons which can turn someone into a sex addict.

In Tony’s case, I suspect, he has acknowledged that sex was a drug which always left him with enjoyable highs which then led him to be in constant pursuit of the next one. But for many sufferers the effects are not often about enjoyment or satisfaction but have a serious – and sometimes very dangerouseffect on their mental and physical well-being.

それでも, it’s good to hear a man open up his frailties and shortcomings.

Near impossible to split ‘amicably

Having had three marriage breakdowns, it's near impossible to split amicably

Having had three marriage breakdowns, it’s near impossible to split amicablyクレジット: ゲッティ

“This is as amicable as it gets”.

So read the statement from musician, 例, and his wife of 11 年, Erin McNaughty, who this week announced their split.

Two kids and nearly a dozen blissful years together but with maybe “too many adventures”whatever that meansthey’ve decided to part in an abundance of “love and respect”.

This kind of conclusion to a long marriage or relationship for that matter, is as rare as hen’s teeth. Regardless of this social media communication that all is, and has been rosy in the house of Example but that things just came to a natural end, I find it hard to imagine that this could really be the whole truth.

It’s not for me to question what really lies behind the end of such a seemingly successful marriage but it just feels a tad counter-intuitive. Not because it’s not true that a couple can end on good terms or that people can just fall out of love but more often than not there is resentment and disappointment on one person’s side.

I’ve come out of 3 marriages and it wasn’t entirely pretty.

同様に, it wasn’t as horrendous as the fallout from other people’s situations.

I always made it my mission to end things as well as is humanly possible especially as there have been children involved.

But that’s just it: we’re human. And humans aren’t always rational, sensible or reasonable.

I congratulate them if they’ve truly achieved this, in which case it looks like Example and his wife have set a brilliant example to the rest of us.

No longer the “smug married”. Soon to be the “smug unmarried”.