Pokemon Legends: Arceus — 5 big changes that turns the series on its head

POKEMON Legends: Arceus is launching tomorrow, but fans of the series are in for some huge changes.

The game has ditched the formula that veteran players will be familiar with, and as reviews roll out, the new Pokemon title is already causing some controversy.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus lets you ride pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus lets you ride pokemon信用: NINTENDO
Players still get to choose a starter pokemon

Players still get to choose a starter pokemon信用: NINTENDO

Newcomers and hardcore fans are going to all be in the same boat, so let’s dive into the main big changes that will

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is open world — kinda

Game Freak has taken a leaf out of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s book in terms of aesthetics and gameplay.

If you’ve played the Nintendo Switch launch title, you’ll be familiar with the sweeping vistas and third-person perspective that Pokemon Legends: Arceus seems to emulate.

While not completely open world, the game’s map is split into different areas.

As players progress, they’ll unlock new districts to go and explore, which are home to different pokemon.

So while it’s not on the same scale as Breath of the Wild, it’s a world away from the franchise’s usual fare.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus lets you ride pokemon


I was tricked on GTA Online into being a drug mule for the Mexican cartel


I was tricked on GTA Online into being a drug mule for the Mexican cartel

There aren’t many instances of seeing your poke-buddies on-screen and interacting with them in the Pokemon series.

当然, you can use their abilities to cut down trees, traverse bodies of water, and otherwise overcome physical obstacles.

But you don’t see them in action, and we never get to have much to do with them while exploring the world.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus changes all of that, by introducing a new feature that lets you ride your pokemon.

Whether you’re soaring through the sky, swimming across a lake, or tearing across fields, your pokemon is right there with you.

Rideable pokemon will add a new dimension to the game that’s been missing from the series.

Mounts in games are always fun, especially when they present the opportunity for the player to bond with them.

As long as you get hold of the Celestica Flute, you’ll be able to hitch a ride to save you from walking.

How to catch pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has changed

Unlike the random encounters of previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Legends: Arceus handles things very differently.

Previous series iterations throw players into battles with no idea of what they’re up against.

The new take on gameplay lets you see the pokemon roaming around in the open.

Their responses will vary from running away, to attacking you directly so you’ll need to take care when approaching them.

Obviously the bonus here is that you can see which pokemon are where.

To catch one, you need to manually aim and throw a pokeball at it.

或者, you can send one of your own pokemon to go out and weaken it in battle before you try to catch it.

Pokemon trainers in Pokemon Legends: Arceus don’t exist

Historically, the Pokemon series sees the player set out to build a team of pokemon.

That team that they assemble is crucial in defeating each region’s Gym and earning badges.

One all the badges are collected, it’s off to fight the Elite Four and then onwards to becoming the Pokemon League Champion.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus there is no Elite Four, or even a Pokemon League.

The game is set before the series as we know it, and before humans and pokemon started teaming up.

These changes mean that the objectives and end game are going to be totally different.

It’s going to be a refreshing change but we’ll have to see how long-time fans adjust.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduces crafting

在一个 13 minute deep dive into Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the latest 视频 from Nintendo briefly touches on another new gameplay feaure — crafting.

As well as being home to different pokemon, the regions of Hisui are also populated with different raw materials.

Players can collect these on their travels and use them to craft items like lures, 烟雾弹, Poke Balls, healing items and more.

The series usually has players buy or find items, so being able to save some money and craft things yourself will certainly be easier on the wallet.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases Friday, 一月 28 on Nintendo Switch.

If you’re interested in picking it up, check out our Pokemon Legends: Arceus pre-order guide.

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