Police swarm high school graduation at convention center after ‘shots fired

POLICE are swarming to a high school graduation ceremony in Arkansas after reports of shots fired.

Police confirmed that four people are injured and have been transported to nearby hospitals.

Police are headed to the convention center after reports of shots fired

Police are headed to the convention center after reports of shots firedالإئتمان: Hot Springs Convention Center

Under Sheriff Jason Lawrence told Arkansas Online that the victims were taken to CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs and National Park Medical Center.

Lawrence also stated that both hospitals were being placed on lockdown and police are being sent.

Large groups were gathering outside of the two hospitals, according to witness accounts.

Hot Springs School District Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Nehus released a statement on the district’s Facebook page, providing an update on the incident.

“We are still learning more details about the unfortunate situation that took place outside of the Hot Springs Convention Center, following our Graduation Ceremony.

We can confirm that none of our current students or graduates were involved. Our Law Enforcement Officers and staff will do all that we can to assist in the investigation. Our hearts and thoughts are with all individuals who suffered injuries tonight.”

Hot Springs World Class High School’s Graduation Ceremony was scheduled to take place at the Hot Springs Convention Center at 7.30pm local time tonight, according to the Hot Springs School District’s website.

It is unclear exactly what may have occurred and there is no known motive or suspect at this time.

ومع ذلك, bystanders have shared varying first-hand accounts to social media.

Witnessed a massive fight in Hot Springs after a graduation. Elected to walk inside hotel and just missed a live shooting #Craziness,” Eric Guinn tweeted.

Hot Springs is located about an hour southwest of Little Rock.

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