A grávida Molly-Mae Hague revela que o último exame da menina foi uma 'grande falha' e compartilha atualização

PREGNANT Molly-Mae Hague has revealed her latest scan was ahuge fail”.

A estrela de SISTER Wives, Paedon Brown, apareceu mais uma vez para sombrear seu pai Kody em um novo vídeo do TikTok sobre sua aparência Ilha do amor star told her followers she and boyfriend Tommy Fury were unable to see their baby girl during the appointment.

Molly told fans of her latest pregnancy struggle

Molly told fans of her latest pregnancy struggleCrédito: Instagram
She and Tommy were unable to see their baby girl at a 4D scan

She and Tommy were unable to see their baby girl at a 4D scanCrédito: Instagram

Posting a snap of her and Tommy, 23, in the car, Molly-Mae escrevi: “Yesterday on our way to baby girl’s 4D scan which was a huge fail.

I was sooo excited to see her little face but we couldn’t see it.

After reassuring their fans that their little one iscompletely fine”, Molly continued: “We left it as long as possible as well to have this scan as they say the older the baby the better.

I didn’t realise there was a chance we would see nothing.

Influencer Molly was able to update her followers on her baby girl’s progress, though and said: “She’s perfect, fit and healthy and measuring completely average for weight/size at this stage which is all that matters.

Last week Molly revealed she began suffering severe stomach cramps while boxer Tommy was away in Dubai.

Ela disse: “I went to bed four in the morning, I woke up with the most excruciating stomach cramps, I was literally freaking out.

I tried to get myself out of the bed to the toilet and I couldn’t walk.

I felt so unwell and thought whether to call myself an ambulance, I was freaking out.

Molly added: “I’ve not had any stomach ache or trapped wind that had felt like that before, so I didn’t know whether I had to be calm and let it settle or take action.

It’s really hard to know, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or even call 111 or even wake Tommy up.

I was literally rolling about in bed, I felt so unwell and then Tommy had to leave to the airport to get a flight at 5am.