Project Spartacus release date LEAKED: Sony’s answer to Game Pass is almost here

SONY’S version of Xbox Game Pass game could launch as soon as February.

A member on gaming forum ResetEra has spotted a huge clue on the PS blog that could point to a February launch.

The PS blog's wording for February's free games doesn't follow the usual format

The PS blog’s wording for February’s free games doesn’t follow the usual format

Every month, PlayStation Plus members get access to a handful of free titles as part of their subscription.

The wording in these posts, which is visible on the thumbnails above, as well as the website posts, usually reads:

For PlayStation Plus Members”.

February’s blog post has made a small change that has made some big ripples, deviating from the standard text to read:

Available this month at no extra cost.

Sony is set to launch a rival to Xbox Game Pass, codename Project Spartacus, scrapping PS Plus for a this new subscription program.

The sudden change in text may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a deliberate decison.

The theory gains more weight when paired with other rumours pointing to apretty bigevent on the horizon.


Xbox Party Chat down and gamers are SICK of it


Xbox Party Chat down and gamers are SICK of it

使命召唤Battlefield leaker, Tom Henderson 发推文 that Sony has a State of Play showcase set for February.

The current rumor is that the next Sony event looks like it could be in February based on this month’s media events and past PlayStation dates,” 他说.

It’ll probably be State of Play, but it has the potential to be a pretty big one IMO.

Sony’s version of Xbox Game Pass is said to be a tiered service, rather than the simple platform specific options Microsoft offers.

当然, this is all speculation but it certainly looks like Sony is prepping for something.

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Xbox Party Chat down and gamers are SICK of it.

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