Pumpkin’s husband goes on hunt for Honey Boo Boo, 16, after she misses curfew

JOSH Efird went on a hunt for Honey Boo Boo after she went missing while on a date with her boyfriend Dralin.

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star and his wife 南瓜 recently shut down rumors that the young couple was engaged.

Alana went on a date with her older boyfriend Dralin

Alana went on a date with her older boyfriend Dralin信用: WE
Josh hunted them down after she missed her curfew

Josh hunted them down after she missed her curfew信用: WE
Dralin is 21 while Honey Boo Boo is still 16

Dralin is 21 while Honey Boo Boo is still 16信用: WE

But Josh, 25, shared concerns for his sister-in-law when she missed her curfew while on a date with her much-older beau Dralin, 21.

During a never-before-seen clip from the WeTV show, Honey Boo Boo, also known as Alana Thompson, 16, joined her boyfriend for an evening out.

The pair enjoyed dinner together at a restaurant arcade, but their night was interrupted when Josh called in with concerns.

The young father told management: “If there’s an Alana Thompson there at the premises could you page her and tell her to call her father/brother-in-law please?”

Alana and Dralin were then shocked to hear her name called out over the loudspeaker at the restaurant, as an employee asked: “Is there an Alana Thompson here?

Can you call home please?”

Honey Boo Boo’s boyfriend remarked: “They’re talking about you!” to which she replied: “我的天啊,” before taking out her phone.

The reality star then called her sister’s husband, 说: “I mean I’m not finna check my phone every five seconds Josh, we’re on a date.


我的邻居们竖起了一道 6 英尺高的栅栏,以阻止我儿子在花园里玩耍


我的邻居们竖起了一道 6 英尺高的栅栏,以阻止我儿子在花园里玩耍

Okay well, we’re having fun! I’m gonna be home by ten. Whatever,” she closed while rolling her eyes.

Alana and Dralin finished their date before heading home to appease Josh who was waiting with a red baseball bat by the door.

The father of four watched through the windows as the child star got her first kiss from her much-older boyfriend.

He wretched while seeing the display of affection before Dralin left for the night.

But later, Josh admitted he was happy for Alana who has had a rough childhood dealing with her mother’s addiction.

Look I was going to say something to Alana, but I’m not. For the first time in a long time Alana seems very happy so I don’t think that I’m going to ruin that.

I’m going to leave it alone and let Alana be happy,” he decided.

在忏悔, Honey Boo Boo discussed her first kiss, 说: “我的天啊, Dralin just kissed me for the first time.

“啊, I could get used to that. I mean it wasn’t very long but it was like wooooo. It’s like one of them little movies where they just play the music and your hair just…” she explained while flipping the sides of her brunette locks back.


The Sun previously reported that Alana has been dating 21-year-old college student Dralin since early 2021.

Mama June’s daughter Lauryn ‘PumpkinEfird recently responded to rumors that her younger sister is engaged to her boyfriend and revealed the truth behind the diamond ring her sister has been sporting.

南瓜 独家告诉太阳报: “Me and my husband love Dralin. He’s very respectful and treats 阿拉娜 with the utmost respect. He is around us and our kids a bunch also and we love him for Alana.


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I tried Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner’s skincare lines to see which was best

尽管 the diamond ring the 16-year-old star has been wearing on her wedding finger, Pumpkin clarified that it is not actually an engagement ring, but that it is actually a promise ring from Dralin.

The new mother of twins added that he gave the jewelry to Alanaprobably last year, I’m not exactly sure the exact date.

Alana and Dralin have been dating since last year

Alana and Dralin have been dating since last year信用: WE
They recently sparked engagement rumors

They recently sparked engagement rumors信用: 超级代理商