Putins massive Autokolonne inklusive seines falschen Rolls-Royce braust durch Moskau

A VIDEO showing Putin’s massive motorcade roaring through Moscow forcing the city to a standstill has amazed viewers.

The video was uploaded to Tick ​​Tack durch @ROJER2345 and has gone viral with more than 150,000 Likes.

Putin's massive motorcade was caught on video in Moscow

Putin’s massive motorcade was caught on video in MoscowAnerkennung: TikTok @rojer2545

The video starts by showing a clear road that has been closed for the motorcade.

Before long, the motorcade comes into view made up of 18 different vehicles.

These include police cars, unmarked official cars, luxury motors and even vans, most with flashing lights.

In the middle of it all is Putin’s Aurus Senat, which looks suspiciously like a Rolls-Royce but is actually built in Russia.

The video’s title reads: ‘Are foreign countries having issues with official convoys?’

Mehr als 300 users have commented below the video on TikTok.

Ein Benutzer sagte: “When I lived in Moscow, this was almost a daily thing.

Ein anderer fragte: “What’s it gonna be like when he comes to Thailand next week?

Others thought that the motorcade was appropriate for such a leader.

Einer sagte: “This is how a president should be escorted.

Andere: “It is important that presidents are escorted in this way.

The Aurus Senat is filled with natural wood and Russian leather and even has a champagne fridge.

The president uses this high-end car for ceremonial duties.

Vladimir Putin is usually spotted behind the wheel of the car despite being driven in this video.

The Aurus Senat uses a hybrid powertrain with a 4.4-litre V8 engine developed in collaboration with Porsche.

The road was closed and 18 different vehicles roared past

The road was closed and 18 different vehicles roared pastAnerkennung: TikTok @rojer245