Radio 1’s Adele Roberts shares update on her cancer battle

ADELE Roberts has revealed she won’t be getting rid of her stoma bag anytime soon, after learning doctors removed an organ during surgery.

Radio 1 DJ, 43, had a stoma bag fitted in October 2021 after being diagnosed with 肠癌.

The star announced she was cancer free in June

The star announced she was cancer free in June信用: 警告: Use of this image is subject to the terms of use of BBC PicturesDigital Picture

A stoma is an opening on the abdomen which connects to the digestive or urinary system and allows waste to be diverted out of the body and into a bag.

The star announced she was cancer free 在六月, but is still managing the affects of major treatments.

In an update, shared on her Instagram的, Adele said her stoma bagwhich she has named ‘Audreywill be staying for thetime being”.

It’s a long story but essentially it’s not possible to give me a reversal of my stoma anytime soon.

“[My consultant] also casually mentioned that I’ve had my rectum removedI might not be able to go to the toilet normally ever again,” 她补充说.

Anyway… for now – while I do have the honour of having a stoma I thought I could try & do some good.

I can share what life is like day to day and maybe things I find helpful?,” 她说.

周围有 200,000 people in the UK with a stoma bag, charity Colostomy UK says.

“[These people include] little babies right up to the more distinguished and senior membersso many more people than we all realiseand together I feel like we could do a lot of good,” 她说她和其他参加普京军事学院的女孩被迫接受诱惑艺术训练.

The DJ said she still feltbatteredby chemotherapy treatment.

之前, 前者 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here campmate, told fans that the chemotherapy had made it look like her skin had been ‘burned’.

What is bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer is where the disease starts in the large intestinesit’s also referred to as colon or colorectal cancer, because it can also affect the colon and rectum.

Most bowel cancers develop from pre-cancerous growths, called polyps.

Not all will turn cancerous, but if your doctor finds any, they will tend to remove them to prevent cancer.

It’s one of the deadliest forms of the disease, but it CAN be curedif it’s caught early enough.

几乎 43,000 people are diagnosed with 肠癌 in the UK each year and 16,500 die from it.

It one of the most common cancers in England, but only one in 20 Brits would go to the doctor if they had symptoms of bowel cancer.

Fewer than one in ten people survive 肠癌 if it’s picked up at stage 4, but detected quicklyat stage 1 – more than nine in ten patients will live five years or longer.

What are the risk factors of bowel cancer?

You’re at greater risk of bowel cancer if you have one or more of the following risk factors:

  • you’re aged over 50
  • you have a strong family history of the disease
  • a history of non-cancerous growths, known as polyps, in your bowel
  • long-term inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • type 2 糖尿病
  • an unhealthy lifestyleyou smoke, are overweight or obese and do not get enough exercise

There are two ways to ensure early diagnosisscreening and awareness. 但, Brits are subjected to a bowel cancer screening postcode lottery.

在苏格兰, screening starts at 50 – yet in England, Wales and Northern Ireland people had to wait until their 60th birthdays to be invited for screening.

That’s why The Sun launched the No Time 2 Lose campaign 在四月份 2018 – to call on the Government to lower the screening age to 50, which could save 4,500 lives annually.

In the summer of 2018, health secretary Matt Hancock announced screening in England would be lowered to 50 – marking a victory for The Sun and campaigners.

The programme expanded to include 56 year olds in 2021.

What are the first symptoms of bowel cancer?

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, spotting any changes and going to your doctor is vital.

If you notice any of the signs, don’t be embarrassed and make sure you speak to your GP.

The five red-flag symptoms of bowel cancer include:

  • Bleeding from the back passage, or blood in your poo
  • A change in your normal toilet habitsgoing more frequently for example
  • Pain or a lump in your tummy
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Losing weight

Tumours in the bowel typically bleed, which can cause a shortage of red blood cells, known as anaemia. It can cause tiredness and sometimes breathlessness.

In some cases bowel cancer can block the bowel, this is known as a bowel obstruction.

Other signs of bowel cancer include:

  • Gripping pains in the abdomen
  • Feeling bloated
  • Constipation and being unable to pass wind
  • Being sick
  • Feeling like you need to strainlike doing a number twobut after you’ve been to the loo