Radio 2 fan in lacrime mentre Steve Wright ospita il suo ultimo spettacolo in assoluto dopo 23 anni

RADIO 2 fans were in tears today as legend Steve Wright broadcast his last ever weekday afternoon show after 23 anni.

Il radio icon, 68, bid farewell to his loyal listeners with an emotional speech on Friday September 30.

Steve gave an interview just before his final afternoon show

Steve gave an interview just before his final afternoon showCredito: BBC
The legend has been in the slot for 23 anni

The legend has been in the slot for 23 anniCredito: PAPÀ:Associazione della stampa

He told them: “I want to say thank you to you for your appreciation, our dearest listener smashing and loyal, for all the reaction and all the nice words.

Thank you if you’ve ever seen your way to listening to us over 23 years at any time,” he continued.. “Grazie, thank you and thank you again.

Corny though it sounds, I quite like the way that we’ve all helped each other get through some of our ongoing problems together – la pandemia, the financial downturns, the ups and downs of life in the UK. Sometimes it’s been very difficult for everybody.

“[Noi] tried on this programme to bring just a little bit of light relief, a good genuine atmosphere, uplifting tunes, good conversation, a little bit of satire. We tried to make the show unique and just be good company. I can only hope that we’ve done that some of the time.

Steve added: “I’m also really aware there are more things to think about than a radio show ending so I don’t want to be too self indulgent. What I do want to do is celebrate the show’s success and long run, and also mention that I’m not retiring!”

Steve will remain on the network and is keeping his Sunday morning show, but his weekday afternoon slot will now be taken over by Scott Mills.

Sara Cox‘s drivetime show is also being extended and will begin an hour earlier at 4pm, taking the last hour of Steve’s former slot.

That’s the way it goes, sometimes people want you, sometimes they don’t,” Steve said about vacating his slot after the internal shake-up.

Sometimes they want to make changes, give you another offer. And that’s ok, I understand that. I really understand that.

Asked what his plans are now he has more time on his hands, Steve smiled: “Maybe I can have lunch, maybe I can have a rest. Sai, che cosa mai, for a while.

While Steve appeared at peace with the move, his loyal fans were gutted and took to social media to express their sadness.

Uno ha twittato: “I’m doing a pile of ironing listing to the legend Steve Wright with tears in my eyes,the last show. You kept me going all these years on Radio 1 e 2 when I was out driving my London taxi. Good luck with wherever life takes you next.

Un secondo aggiunto: “Opening jingle of Steve Wright’s last afternoon show. Instant tears. This is just so wrong.

A third weighed in: “@BBCRadio2 you’ve made a huge mistake. Steve is a complete legend and I will miss him and The Big Show deeply.

A fourth stated: “The airwaves will never be the same without Steve Wright in the afternoon on@BBCRadio2. Thank you Steve for a fantastic show every week day and all the best for the future!”

And a fifth summed up: “@BBC Radio2 last Steve Wright in the afternoon you should be ashamed of yourselves .National treasure on an afternoon.

Steve leaving the show comes as many big names have quit Radio 2, Compreso Paul O’Grady, Vanessa Feltz e Graham Norton.

Scott Mills will be taking over the show

Scott Mills will be taking over the showCredito: PAPÀ